2013 Aston Martin DB9 laced with Awesome Features

2014-11-29 13:27:57
2013 Aston Martin DB9 laced with Awesome Features
2013 Aston Martin DB9 laced with Awesome Features

2013 Aston Martin DB9 is one of the most popular cars which is said to perfect car from every point of view. The car is coupled with the Grand Tourer’s genes which makes this car much popular. It is an amazing car in which you find both beauty as well as power.

Aston Martin is a brand which can be seen in James Bond’s movies or other Hollywood movies. British manufacture in the form of Aston Martin has given such a classic car which makes its firm place in the heart of auto enthusiasts as well as common people because of its performance as well as appearance. It is such brand that makes all its cars with great precision as well as skill that help the brand build such cars which are featured with quality of classic and modern car.

2013 Aston Martin is the successor of company’s highest produced car ever, so DB9 is much popular among the cars; the second thing which makes this car so popular, is its being incorporated with the genes of Grand Tourer. The 2003 Frankfurt Auto Show was the occasion when the company first showcases this most popular car. The designing of this car was done by the two great professionals named Callium and Henrik Frisker, so it was also one more factor which has helped it make popular.

Exterior and Interior

When you see this powerful sport car’s front, you will find sharp looking headlight units which include LED turn signals day time running lamps which are wider and taller in compression with its predecessor, Bi-xenon bulbs is incorporated with it as standard. A grill inspired by an expensive car and a bigger lower air intake can also be seen at the front of the car. New design of heat extractors, and slimmer fender fins incorporating chrome elements can also be observed. According the company, they have used 70 percent new body panel. Its interior is classy and stylish. According to the auto specialist, its interior is best. Premium quality leather and Alcantara cover each and every corner of the interior of this car. The most interesting is that users are given the chance to customize almost everything like color of leather and stitches details and patterns. It has simple looking central console switches.

Engine, Handling & Controlling

2013 Aston Martin DB9 is powered by a new AM11 V 12 engine of 5,935 cc which has revised block, enlarged throttle bodies, new head with dual variable valve timing, and up rated fuel pump. So, it produces power 517 PS coupled with 610 Nm of torque. This figure of power is 10 times greater than its predecessor. The top speed of the car is 295 km per hrs; and it takes only 4.6 seconds to cover 100 kilometer mark from standstill. Rid-mounted ‘Touchtronic 2’, a six speed transmission has been fitted with this huge engine, and this transmission is equipped with electronic shift by wire control system to send all power to its rear wheel.

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