Infiniti Q60- A Wonder Ride

2014-03-16 11:34:30
Infiniti Q60- A Wonder Ride
Infiniti Q60- A Wonder Ride

Competing with the quality and class of BMW 4 Series or Mercedes C Class Coupe would be a difficult task. However the Infiniti Q60 with its stylish as well as technology equipped body is now competing as the finest vehicle on Europe’s roads. Q60 Coupe has the similar underpinnings as the Nissan 370Z; however the body work has the distinct mark of Infiniti. 

The exterior design includes L shaped lights placed at front as well as rear, a bonnet along with its rakish roofline adds to the charm. The car has a smooth drive and this relatively unfamiliar badge has gained a name due its success in US.

Infiniti Q60 is essentially a Japanese vehicle however it is designed to compete with models like BMW or Lexus and is oriented to a US customer base. This is the reason for the stateside quality prevalent in the body work. While the car may not represent the latest European fad or taste, it certainly has a distinct appearance. The car also has certain appealing details like the analogue watch which gives it a classy look.

Infiniti Q60’s driving position is quite comfortable and has several adjustability options. The dials tend to move along with steering wheel to present a complete vie of instrument panel. The V6 power plant has been known to provide substantial torque, similar to the Nissan 370Z models. The steering wheel is quite light and however brakes are lacking in feel or precision. Despite the company’s modification in order to tune the car for UK standards the damping cannot be compared to its rivals specially in operating on poor surfaced roads.

The Infinite Q60 is quite robust; also it has several part of the Nissan 370Z. The car is well built and has high safety standards, almost matching those if its rivals. Though the luxury factor is quite toned down as compared to BMW or Mercedes. The safety of passengers is well catered with the airbags as well as traction control features.

The Infinite Q60 does not boast of a huge boot space. The reason being the steep and sloping roof line of the car. The 4 passenger seating arrangement proves to be more spacious as compared to Audi TT. Despite this, the rear space may best be used as storage space. The boot space is 275 litres, almost 150 litres lesser than BMW 3 Series or Mercedes E Class Coupe.

Infiniti Q60’s 3.7 litre V6 has been borrowed from the 370Z sports car by Nissan. However it has been refined in the Infiniti in order to suit the models relaxed tone. The V6 it is not very efficient, even best models in the series that get seven speed gear box tend to return merely 27mpg. All this results in lower resale values. Since the Infiniti Q60 does not command similar premium as its rivals such as BMW 3 Series, it is worth quite less when purchased second hand.

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