Review of 2013 Lincoln MKZ AWD V6

2014-03-02 06:16:47
Review of 2013 Lincoln MKZ AWD V6
Review of 2013 Lincoln MKZ AWD V6

Lincoln Motor Company; commonly referred to as Lincoln, is the subdivision of the Ford Motor Corporation, which is into manufacturing and sales of luxury vehicles and the Lincoln is one among the prominent premium car brands in North America. Lincoln is having a high acceptance among the premium car lovers for its quality as well as power and usability features.

Lincoln is now offering sedan models as MKS and MKZ. There are two crossovers also as MKT and MKX and two SUVs as Navigator and Lincoln Navigator L. There is also one pickup truck named limousine the Lincoln MKT Livery and other Lincoln Mark LT. The compact crossover had also been introduced by Lincoln named MKC concept, the production model which is predictable to begin by the summer of 2014. Ford is also planning to expand the range of models to seven vehicles by the year 2015 and also is planning to venture into the China luxury car market. The 2013 MKZ AWD V6 was the latest popular model of Lincoln, which we will further have a quick review of.

“You can call is as a Fusion Plutonium.” New Lincoln MKZ is an outstanding luxury car. However, as far as Ford was considered, it had a clear lack of understanding about this genre. All these had been overruled by the new MKZ, which stand among high in the ratings as a unique model in its class, offering much to the buyers. Indeed, one can say that Ford is battling their own demons with the new MKZ. It is in succession to the 2013 Fusion, which is the nameplate with which this Lincoln model shares its base. In the base level front-wheel drive trims, Fusion plays a totally different class, but the same car can be optioned up to or beyond the $36,800 initial price of MKZ.

Even though the 2013 MKZ has got much to share with the underlying Fusion, which was the previous generation; however there is less resemblance inside an out in the design. There is a higher Beltline and a sleek roof which are similar to that of Fusion, however got a bit amplified by the MKZ’s world-class design. The cockpit of the MKZ is much more of a cocoon and the back seat also is very spacious that the otherwise less leg–room design.

Coming on to the performance, there is a 3.7-liter V-6, which is featuring 300 HP power and 277 lb-ft torque, which makes it the strongest case, figuratively as well as literally. When opted for the all-wheel drive, MKZ can feature the character of a real sports sedan. The 0-to-60-mph achievement is in 6.3 seconds and 0.85 g on the skidpad is also a respectable figure. It is also noted on the test drives, that MKZ is noted to be really rewarding on the street than the numbers suggest.

The engine roars appropriately and its very quick on a straight line. What MKZ has got to offer in addition, when compared to Fusion is the advance Drive Control. The rider got the choice to select between the Comfort, Normal, and Sport modes. The transmission aggressiveness and the throttle sensitivity can be simply dialed up with a simple touch on the button. The button is located just at the bottom on the front panel, which is labeled P, R, N, D, and S. MKZ features a push-button control transmission, which is a novel idea which was there even when it appeared last time during the administration of Eisenhower. 

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