Land Rover Range Rover Latest model Sport SVR: A Fast & Quick Vehicle

2015-06-18 11:28:16
Land Rover Range Rover Latest model Sport SVR: A Fast & Quick Vehicle
Land Rover Range Rover Latest model Sport SVR: A Fast & Quick Vehicle

Land Rover Range Rover latest 2015 model Sports SVR is a fast and quick car. It also has some of the characteristics of standard Range Rover Sports car. It has been powered by a supercharged intercooler engine producing an impressive power output. The vehicle is very praiseworthy, but its cabin is similar to the stand Range Rover Sport, which makes a bit unhappy for some people.

This new 2015 upcoming model of the Land Rover Sports SVR is an enough fast and quick car that can thrill almost everyone. It is a car that has been equipped with the qualities of a fast car and standard Range Rover Sports car regarding being sophisticated as well as urban. The first performance model of JLR is the SVR; JLR sometimes ago also initiated Special Vehicle Operation division. It has also been reported that such similar models intended for the definitive performance will also be seen from the automaker. The automaker has not made many changes on the basis of the hardware; the changes you will notice are done on the software front.

For power, the vehicle used V8 engine supercharged 5.0-liter engine from the JLR; the engine for this vehicle has been tuned to deliver more power than the standard engine. With this vehicle, the engine produces 550 hp of power which is 50 hp more power than the standard one while this boosted power is mated with the 502 lb-ft of torque. For sending the power to wheels, the vehicle has been incorporated with the 8-speed automatic gearbox which has also been tuned differently to make it 50% quicker.

No doubt, the power pack vehicle performance wise is superb whether you drive it at high speed, normal or slow speed, the vehicle is efficient enough to please you. However, some lurking has also been observed. The vehicle rocketed as the accelerator is pressed down. It is capable to reach 0 to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds so you can take a guess how quick the vehicle is. The weight of this fast car is 5000 pounds, but when it runs over a proper road, you get no clue of its weight.

The vehicle has been equipped with 21 inches wheels while the 22 inches wheels are also available as optional; these optional wheels equipped with gargantuan offers effective grip. For smooth riding, the vehicle has been featured with a smooth and good weighted steering as well as the accurate too. The vehicle for control has been featured with a Brembo brakes. The vehicle has been incorporated with sprung air suspension which assists to make the ride comfortable; this suspension have been developed a bit solid in comparison with the standard Range Rover Sport.

This is such a stylish model which has given better performance in almost all section of the vehicle. However, some auto experts have complaints with the cabin of this vehicle. Actually, it is identical to the Standard Range Rover Sport. The touch-screen is also an object of complaints.

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