2016 Mitsubishi Outlander, it is quiet out there

2015-06-16 11:34:26
2016 Mitsubishi Outlander, it is quiet out there
2016 Mitsubishi Outlander, it is quiet out there

Mitsubishi once inspired awesomeness as an automobile provider such as the 3000GT VR-4,  Starion ESI, and Evo, which is recently dropped, is no more  of the former self and is limited to producing a couple of crossovers, the outdated Lancer compact, the Mirage econobox and the i-MiEV. The revival of Mitsubishi fortunes comes with the release of the 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander.

Mitsubishi vehicles are being sold at bargain prices than the excellence they possess.  However the brand is not altogether dead, as officials quote increased sales figures in recent times. Several changes have been made to the chassis and cabin of the latest Outlander and to top it, the 2016 model has been priced cheaper over the 2015 model. We will reserve the comments over the beauty or lack of it in spite of the new “Dynamic Shield” front styling.  However, one thing that is sure is that it looks more interesting compared to the earlier versions.

The lower portions of the doors have been added with thick garnish and the 18-inch wheels are handsome and they are alloyed across the board.  Taillamps are horizontal LED, and additional 1.5 inches has been added to the liftgate to make the loading and unloading easier for taller drivers. The Outlander GT, the top trim of the compact crossover carries a 3.0 Liter V-6 that produces 224-hp, and 215 lb-ft torque appears robust, but accelerating on highways is just adequate. When things go frisky, there are always the manual controls to manipulate as the Outlander is fitted with fixed shift paddles on the steering column. 

The other trims namely ES, SE and SEL with leather are offered with a 2.4-liter engine that delivers 166hp power and 162 pounds of torque. The last two mentioned trims get all-wheel-drive, and the latest CVT accompanies the engine.  As is expected any SUV in the range of 3300 pounds with just 166-hp power is going to be sluggish. The fattest of the trims, the SEL weighs roughly 3500 pounds and the estimation of a slow 10.2 seconds to the 0-60mph mark proved to be right. This would also mean that you floor the pedal very often.

The Outlander is quiet though, the 31 odd improvements made to the car had ensured that various automobile noises are quelled down. Even the door closes softly as substantial hardware and seals have been used. Vehicle handling is neat and much work has gone into stiffening the structure, and the new suspension components have tuned to solidify the earlier suspension which was mushy. Mitsubishi engineers should be commended for the work they have on the Outlander.

The 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander is designed with the front-engine layout and is available in either front or four-wheel drive. It is a four-door hatchback and can seat seven passengers. The base price of the ES starts at 23,845; the SE mid- level is priced $24,845, the SEL trim with leather costs $25,845, and the top trim GT comes at $31,845. The Mitsubishi Outlander achieves a top speed of 110-120mph and the fuel economy rating as per EPA reads 20-25/27-31mpg for city and highway depending on the model you choose. 

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