Mazda MX-5 Miata Tested, Mazda goes back to original for inspiration

2015-06-15 12:19:45
Mazda MX-5 Miata Tested, Mazda goes back to original for inspiration
Mazda MX-5 Miata Tested, Mazda goes back to original for inspiration

When the Miata was launched by Mazda, it did not conceal that it is the clone of the Lotus Elan without oil leak. The new model achieved instant popularity with buyers who remembered the past roadsters and classic MGs, and the Spiders of Alfa Romeo. All this has happened so quickly you lose the sense of time and Mazda for its 2016 MX-5 Miata has gone back to the original template while conceiving its design.  

The new model is close to the 1190Miata dimensionally that is smaller than the existing version when compared to the 1.5 Liter MX-5 European spec models. The recent test model meant for US had big 17-inch wheels, and a 2.0 Liter four-cylinder Powerplant, and weighed 99 lbs more than the 1990 car that we tested. The car weighs just 2309 pounds that make the MX-5 231 pounds lesser than the one weighed in 2009 from the third generation. The car also has a weight advantage of 155 pounds over the Alfa Romeo 4C fabricated in carbon-fiber, and it was touted as the lightest in the market. Well, here the Mitsubishi Mirage with 2066 pounds is not counted.

The downsizing of the car has not told on the cabin space, which rather appear improved over the previous MX-5 though the interior measurement of Mazda does not reveal it. Grownups over six and half feet cannot be accommodated but a new seat designed to recline a bit more and closer to the floor is the fitment of Miata to seat larger sized people, which also leaves more space for others who want to stretch out.  

The driver-focused elements of the Mazda 3 had been inducted into the new Miata. With the result, you see the heavy weight but smooth shifter located ideally while pedals narrowly spaced perfectly match under the wheel which is with small-diameter. In terms of controls manipulation, the MX-5 stands out to be a great reward.  The fourth generation MX-5 Miata has the coziest cockpit, and the car is also the highest performing of any generation. The engine a Mazda 3 derived 2.0 Liter has been tuned to fit with the Miata. The tuning for premium gas and a lighter flywheel ensure that is quicker with the revs while offering enhanced throttle responses which makes it closer to the 1.6 Liter original Miata, but comparatively lot quicker.

 In our test drive, we cracked the six-second blockage with a 5.9 timing for the 0-60mph and the quarter was done in 16.2 seconds speeding at 100 mph. Well, even the Mazdaspeed Miata of second turbocharged generation cannot match this.  Back in 2004 it did 18.3 seconds for the quarter mile when tested it. However there is a small penalty for the extra speed it has gained, and the noise has been enhanced by the intake that overpowers the exhaust notes and makes this Miata the loudest when in acceleration.

When on the road you will start noticing the important changes made to the steering, and it is electric assist over the hydraulic system of earlier. This had hugely reduced the twitching. A base model Miata MX-5 Sport is priced at $25,735 for 2016 which is a rise over the last year by $945, but it is equipment heavy with the addition of Bluetooth, LED headlights, and cloth in place of vinyl material.

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