Lincoln, the luxury line of Presidential cars by Ford

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Lincoln is the luxury line of vehicles produced by Ford Motor Company and was the regular supplier of official vehicles to the US President’s office. The brand achieved two most astounding sales figures in the history of automobiles when it sold 200, 315 units in 1989 and 231,660 in 1990. It has the distinction of beating Cadillac in terms of sales in 1998 and 2000.

Lincoln though sold mainly in Northern America is also officially available in several global countries that included Mexico, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Korea, Puerto Rico, Yemen and the US Virgin Islands and several other countries. Lincoln series of luxury vehicles are mostly pitted against its rival General Motor’s Cadillac and only fleetingly with the others such as Toyota’s Lexus, Honda Acura, Nissan’s Infiniti, and Volkswagen’s Audi.

Founded and headquartered in Michigan, US the brand was largely focused on the market of North America. Though it was a division of Ford Motor Company it always functioned as an independent identity. Earlier the Lincoln division was merged with Mercury and became Lincoln-Mercury Division in 1945. In the year 1961 the Lincoln model came into experience drastic changes and that started the famous Lincoln Continental series that reined during 1961-1969. The change also rendered the Lincoln Continental series of cars smaller by 15 inches compared to the originals. 

The division became a part of the Premier Automotive Group and changes were effected to Lincoln Continental cars because it was trailing other luxury brands in the market.  Continental name was discontinued after 52 years of production and LS the town car took over the role and ultimately the Lincoln-Mercury division was separated from the Premier Automotive Group in the year 2002. In 2006 the town car was also removed from the assembly line as a part of the restructuring plan ‘The Way Forward.

Lincoln introduced the MK-series in 2006 and came up with the medium sized sports sedan and in 2007 the Lincoln MKR concept automobile was introduced and that became the base of the new style for all the contemporary models of Lincoln. The split grille was introduced and became a standard feature of all the current models.  Continuing the MK-series Lincoln came up with MKS in 2009 a car that was the replacement for the town car. In 2010 Lincoln introduced a full size crossover SUV named MKT which has the chassis of Ford Flex.  Lincoln then produced a number of variants specially designed for limousine and livery use and were christened as Lincoln MKT Town cars.    

Lincoln has the history of supplying official vehicles to the US presidential office                and the first limousine used by Franklyn Roosevelt known as the ‘sunshine special’ was supplied in 1939 and stayed till 1948. A Lincoln Cosmopolitan in 1950 make also known as Bubble Top was shared by great names such as Harry S. Truman, Dwight Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy. The last Lincoln to be used by the Presidential office was a 1989 Town car summoned by President George H.W. Bush.


Lincoln models:

Lincoln MKS
Lincoln Aviator
Lincoln LS
Lincoln Mark LT
Lincoln MKC
Lincoln Zephyr
Lincoln Navigator
Lincoln Mark VII
Lincoln Blackwood
Lincoln Mark VIII
Lincoln MKT
Lincoln Continental
Lincoln MKX
Lincoln Navigator L
Lincoln Town Car
Lincoln MKZ
Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

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