2010 Mini Cooper 50 Camden Edition – offers more cuteness to the Mini

2014-12-01 21:57:59
2010 Mini Cooper 50 Camden Edition – offers more cuteness to the Mini
2010 Mini Cooper 50 Camden Edition – offers more cuteness to the Mini

It is difficult to believe that Mini has completed 50 years in the auto industry. Notwithstanding the gap between the new models till the micro-sized automaker was bought over by the BMW in 2000. The Mini which we know have been in the industry for half a century and it still looks good. 

To commemorate the occasion Mini came up with a special package for the May fair and the Camden Cooper hatchback. The new addition though does not do anything to enhance the performance or boost power, it definitely make the cute Mini look cuter. The test team had some time with the Cooper hatchback fitted with Camden package. Among the enhancement include the distinguished talking Mission Control System which was among the primary item you would show to your friends as a special addition’s unique features.

The Camden package offers color choices as visual choices which also include the White Silver Metallic found on the test car, xenon headlamps, white pin stripes, apt side badges, front fog-lamps, the unique 17-inch Silver Shield rollers and grille and door sills. The alloy wheels are yet to get the thumbs-down or thumbs-up, but we would still choose the more conventional wheels such as the eight-spoke traditional wheels offered to the Cooper S. In the cabin you have the Camden package nicely applied and you find the theme of black and white through. The theme fits well with the Mini and looks sharp the white strip applied on the mirrors is also present on the dash material made of plastic and it should be noted that interior is the most talked about by passengers when giving feedback. The Camden package as a part also offers the Harmon/Kardon sound system which is upgraded and the old system of Mini was clearly not able to generate the pump it needed. Though it is redesigned the interior is getting jaded for our taste and the center stack controls still give trouble in accessing the right function. Most time drivers end up manipulating CD player controls in place of the audio system.

Apart from this we don’t find quality or comfort issues and the Mini cabin looks more spacious surprisingly the bucket seats in the front offer support and plush in extreme. You won’t get tired of driving in the seats and willing to spend more time in them. Visibility is great all around, and the dual glove-box, foldable rear seats; cubby holes on the doors allow the Hatch to carry more personal belongings of the owner despite the mini size of the exterior.

The base cooper if you remember offered just 118hp and 114 lb-ft from its 1.6 L four cylinder engine but the horniest feature is its chassis which offered fantastic driving experience in all situations. The start is not blistering and it offered a model 8.6 seconds for the 0-60mark and while you push the pedal all the way but the power is considerable when you count the 28mpg in city and 37mpg on highway in. well, there is no such vehicle with in the vicinity to beat the Cooper.

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