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Smart- Innovative Micro Cars

The Smart automobile company is famous for manufacturing awesome micro cars. The main factory of Smart auto company is in France whereas it’s headquarter is located in Germany. The logo of the company has smart preceded with a letter C and an arrow having specific meaning. The letter C stands for Compact and the forwarded arrow signifies the forward thinking. Smart is the company’s name and all the letters are lower case with the logo. Smart is an acronym, derive from the name Swatch Mercedes Art. The logo of the company is itself innovative then one can guess how innovative the products of this company are. All the products are all electric, stylish and perform wonderful even on the roads.

History of Smart

From where, the Smart company had arrived? Let us have a look at the history of the company. Swatch is the company producing new varieties of phones. Johann Tomforde thought to use the concept of this Swatch Company in the automobile industry. He believed that people need the stylish and good functionality cars for the city. That’s why he decided to go with this thought. Nicolas Hayek was with him in this process. After doing remarkable work that is, production of first micro car, they had a small controversy over the name of the company. Hayek had suggested to get Swatch Car from the existing name Swatch Mobile. Tomforde was not with him in his this decision. At the end, they came out with the acronym called Smart. In 2013, they have launched their third generation products in Europe and North America. They have made significant changes in the new generation that are not there in second generation products. All the changes are listed below. One of the awesome modifications is efficient engine that further leads to increase in speed quality, good acceleration power. Second important modification is done in the chargeable battery. The old battery is replaced with lithium ion battery. This new lithium ion battery is quickly rechargeable and also has increased the distance to be covered in the same time.

Smart is getting Smarter

It has come into existence in 1980’s and had offices in Asia, Europe, America, Japan, China and Australia. The company is spreading its network over the other various countries, these days. They are moving towards success and top position by improving their designs, efficiency of engines, and electricity production mechanism. They are working on making their designs look more attractive and cool.

Latest smart news

Smart Automobile: The Micro Mini Smart Cars for Two

2013-12-11 02:08:40

The smart automobile which is also called as Smart car is the branch of Daimler AG meant to produce micro cars. The company is headquartered at Bolingen, Germany and its main manufacturing unit is located in Hambach, France. The brand is known for its compact car and the brand is marketed as “smart” all in lower case.

Smart Automotive Presents Advanced Features Of Modern Technology In Its New Model

2014-02-04 09:19:40

Today, cars have made an important impact in our lives. Smart Automotive car models are some of the best cars of the year, which offer some of the greatest features like Comfort, Price, Reliability, Interior, Performance and Safety. The new Smart Fortwo model has been able to achieve excellent reviews, due to all these features.  

Smart Fortwo Electric – Go Environment Friendly

2014-02-22 11:13:02

Smart Automobile is a subsidiary division of Daimler AG, which is into design and manufacturing of microcars. The brand has got a global presence and the parent company is headquartered in Böblingen, Germany. Smart has got an assembling plant also in Hambach, France. One of the recent models of Smart was the 2013 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Coupe and Convertible, which got a wide acceptance.

Smartly priced Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Coupe and Convertible

2014-04-20 11:10:00

You don’t require buying the gasoline Smart ForTwo because the electric driven Smart ForTwo of third generation has just arrived. This recent and third attempt to electrify the Smart is perhaps going to be the best because it is now fitted with an electric motor which more powerful than before. It has the range and the price to upset a Nissan Versa.

Smart cars small but high on performance

2014-05-29 12:45:52

Cars from the house of Smart are the latest trend. If you are looking for a small car which is high on performance and has a classy interior and stylish exterior then cars from Smart are going to enamor you and leave you stunned.

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