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Volkswagen-Best Car Manufacturer

Today, the international automobile manufacturer company Volkswagen has earned a good name all over the world. It is popular in every country of the world as a car manufacturer. This company is the largest automobile maker of Europe and the third largest auto maker all over the world. It is a German automobile manufacturer and has headquartered located in Wolfsburg, German. The literal meaning of the word “Volkswagen” is a people’s car. This is the whole idea behind the existence of the company. In 1937, the company came into being. The company is closely related to Porsche from the times of Adolf Hitler.

Ferdinand Porsche built the first Volkswagen car by getting the ideas from Hitler. This was named as the Beetle. Porsche invented the first car on the request of Hitler. Hitler had demanded him for a car that needs to be four seated. However, the greatest challenge is that the car must be less than 1000 marks. In between the time given to Porsche, he had invented a small car that did not meet the requirements of Hitler. Therefore, he worked on that car to improve the model and to make it according to Hitler’s requirements. After the completion of the model that was perfect according to Hitler. He had a drive in the car and he named the car as Volkswagen (people’s car).

Best Market for Company

Its main markets are China and Germany. However, it has widespread its products in many countries. The models are worth appreciating and leading the auto industry in a new direction keeping in mind the concept of the green world and sustainable development. They have all their wings rising in today’s world. They make use of latest technology in their products.

Advancements In Volkswagen

The designs of the Volkswagen Company are wonderful. The functionality of engines is getting improved day by day. They are emphasizing on building the clean fuel engines that must be environmentally friendly. They have low sulphured engines in their current model of automobiles that has reduced the green gas house emissions to a great extent. Now, the company has announced that it will move to electric car manufacturing. Recently, the company has launched its model that is a hybrid electric car. This model becomes the world’s fastest hybrid car. The company has always come up with something new, innovative and wonderful models to please people. It has maintained an awesome record of rising in fulfilling of the economic, technical and environmental aspects.

Latest Volkswagen news

e-up Being Brought In By VW. Electric With A Difference

2013-08-20 04:00:06
With all the car manufacturers now offering hybrid or full on electric vehicles, the Volkswagen is not far behind. It may not have launched the e-up car just yet but it has already managed to bag the award of being the best green car to have around.

The Frugal And Practical Golf Estate. VW Brings In Golf For Families

2013-08-20 04:16:13
Volkswagen has been doing a good job lately of launching good cars that families will want to buy. While the e-up is a battery car which is a must car for families who wish to cut down on cost but not compromise on looks, the Golf Estate BlueMotion is one which has also won an award called the Small Family Estate award.

Volkswagen: A Das Auto

2013-12-11 02:13:50

Volkswagen is a German automobile manufacturer with headquarters in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony. This is the original brand of the Volkswagen Group and the largest automobile manufacturer in Germany. The company is also the third largest automobile manufacturers in the world. Volkswagen has the distinction of having three of its cars in the top ten all time best selling cars. 

Volkswagen Polo Mk4-Redefining beauty

2014-01-10 00:43:45

Volkswagen PoloMk4 has been the car simplifying its elegance with high performance traces its history back to the days of 2002, with 1.2L six valve petrol based version. Offering a top gear, the car gives the stiff competition to its rivals on the basis of size and performance. Possessing 5door hatchback the car is a perfect fit for your wants.

59 Volkswagen Beetle – Defining New Style Of Joyous Drive

2014-01-24 22:49:26

The Volkswagen has always been a prominent name in the automotive industry, defining a new meaning of style and comfort with jolly new design and performance of its marvelous car models over the century. The 59 Volkswagen Beetle has been one such model in the market, which has molded the vision of a joyous drive from high power to perfect balance of performance and style. 

Volkswagen models list:

Volkswagen Beetle 2012-2013
Volkswagen Beetle Convertible 2013-2013
Volkswagen CC 2009-2013
Volkswagen Eos 2007-2013
Volkswagen GLI 2008-2012
Volkswagen GTI 1990-2015
Volkswagen Golf 1990-2015
Volkswagen Golf R 2012-2013
Volkswagen Jetta 1990-2013
Volkswagen Jetta GLI 2013-2013
Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid 2013-2013
Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen 2011-2013
Volkswagen Passat 1990-2013
Volkswagen Routan 2009-2012
Volkswagen Tiguan 2009-2013
Volkswagen Touareg 2004-2013
Volkswagen Cabrio1995-2002Volkswagen Cabriolet1990-1993
Volkswagen Corrado1990-1994Volkswagen EuroVan1993-2003
Volkswagen Fox1990-1993Volkswagen New Beetle1998-2010
Volkswagen Phaeton2004-2006Volkswagen R322004-2008
Volkswagen Rabbit2006-2009Volkswagen Touareg 22008-2009
Volkswagen Vanagon1990-1991

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