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Saturn Corporation, a new kind of Car Company

Saturn Corporation was launched in the year 1985 by General Motors as a Subsidiary LLC in the aftermath of Japanese automobile imports success. It was proclaimed as a different brand and acted independently for some time from the parent company. The company even had an assembly line of its own in Spring Hill, Tennessee, exclusive models and an entirely separate network of retailers. General Motors in 2009 disbanded the Saturn brand of cars and also ended the remaining franchises in the year 2010 on October 31. The company also announced the halting of all production from 1st of October, 2009.

About the Company

The company had its headquarters in Spring Hill, Tennessee during 1985 to 2007 and Detroit, Michigan from 2007 to 2010. Saturn automobiles catered to consumers in the US and Canada and were represented by several key people that include Roger B Smith (1985-1990), Jill Lajdziak (2004-2009), Fredrick Henderson (2009) and Edward Whitacre Jr. (2010). Originally General Motors’ plan was to release the Saturn under one of its famous brands at that time and they were Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and GMC. But the idea was changed later and declared Saturn as an independent brand and the outcome was the Saturn SC and Saturn SL.

Rising of Company

The first Saturn car was driven out by the GM Chairman Roger Smith and Owen Bieber, the UAW President in July 1990 from the Tennessee Plant. Though there were several plans to manufacture a sedan, a wagon, a coupe or a sports utility automobile the company came up with the first sports utility vehicle Saturn VUE only in the model year 2002. The first model, the S-Series was significantly successful and one year later it entered the Canadian market. After the production of 499, 999 Saturns, entered Carla in 1993 and later in 1995 Jasper, the Millionth car of Saturn was manufactured. 1997 saw the company assembling the first General Motors vehicle in the North America to be built with right hand drive on the same assembly line where cars are fitted with the left hand drive as it was entering the Japan automobile market. In 1999 the company brought out its two millionth vehicles and then went on to produce a new L-Series of Vehicles.

During 2000 to 2008 several model expansion were made and cars like crossover SUV, the Vue, Ion, the replacement for S-Series, Relay, the minivan, Sky Roadster, Aura Midsize, Outlook, Astra and Opel Flextreme. In the year 2004 General Motors dissolved the labor contract with United Auto Workers that it has for the Spring Hill manufacturing unit and integrated Saturn works with other GM operations.

Latest Saturn news

Saturn Ion – Sail through the Roads

2013-12-13 09:50:59

Saturn Corporation is a leading automobile manufacturing brand, which was started as a subsidiary of General Motors in 1985. The company started marketing as a ‘new kind of car company’ and operated itself as an independent units from its parent company. Saturn had its own assembly plant and released some unique models, which had been sold through its own retailer network. 

Saturn, a different kind of Car Company

2014-01-24 22:38:09

Saturn, a name that reverbs its saga through its groundbreaking models of prestigious cars. Today, the name of Saturn is enough to portray style, comfort and luxury in the royal touch. Let’s have a look over 5 most popular models of Saturn cars models.

Saturn car personifying flamboyance, splendor!

2014-02-25 09:54:35

Around four years ago, Saturn brought forth innovativeness in the form of ‘the third-door concept’ –that included driver's-side rear-hinged demi-door on the SC1 and SC2. This came to the world of cars as idea that can spark brilliance. All Ion quad coupes had rear-hinged & rear doors on both sides, which is a classy idea in itself! As the rear doors swing out almost up to 90 degrees, they make rear-seat far easily accessible for a user rather than moving to the back seat of a usually conservative car that has two-doors.

The fall of Saturn Cars

2014-06-01 22:55:12

The Saturn was a trademark of small car imports. The brand was established in 1985 as a part of General Motors. The marque suffered from poor sales and was discontinued in 2009 due to bankruptcy. This year featured the last Saturn manufactured car. The brand made some huge sales in the beginning due to its dent-resistant polymer cabinets.

Saturn- ION- A different kind of Car Company

2015-05-17 09:45:02

The Saturn Corporation was an automotive manufacturer and brand which was established on 7th January, 1985 as an ancillary of ‘General Motors’ in retort to the accomplishment of automobile imports in the United States.  The company marked itself as a “different kind of Car Company” and managed somewhat independently from its parent company for some time, having its own assembly plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee. It made unique models and had a separate retailer network.

Saturn models list:

Saturn Astra2008-2008Saturn Aura2007-2009
Saturn Aura Hybrid2008-2009Saturn ION2003-2007
Saturn L-Series2000-2003Saturn L3002004-2005
Saturn Outlook2007-2009Saturn Relay2005-2007
Saturn S-Series1991-2002Saturn Sky2007-2009
Saturn VUE2002-2009Saturn VUE Hybrid2008-2009

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Saturn engine

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