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Plymouth: The Car with Style

Plymouth was based in the United States and manufactured a series of automobiles between 1928 and 2001 till the car models were discontinued. The company’s production was mainly focused on cars and minivans and when the models were discontinued they were rechristened as Chrysler. Plymouth had two parent companies during its tenure and they were Chrysler between 1928 and 1998 and DaimlerChrysler during 1998-2001 till the production was discontinued.

Foundation of Plymouth

The company had its headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan, US the series of cars from the company was the first of Chrysler’s low priced automobiles to be introduced in the market that was hogged by big names such as Ford and Chevrolet. Plymouth had the edge because it had all the standard features plus the external expanding hydraulic brakes that the other models in the market failed to provide. Plymouth was entirely marketed through the Chrysler franchises. The name Plymouth was derived from Plymouth Binder Twine popular among farmers, which was utilized to bind different things.

Features of Plymouth

The low priced Plymouth cars actually helped the brand to survive the great depression where other brands took a beating in 1930. In 1939 Plymouth manufactured 417,528 automobiles and 5,967 were two doors convertible with rumble seats. The brand was among the top sellers in America and has been always referred along with big names like Ford and Chevrolet. In the 1940 and 1941 it overtook Ford in sales and stood at number 2 positions as far as popularity was concerned. The Plymouth brands of cars were well known for their engineering, quality and durability and have been a household name during its tenure in the US. In the 1960 these cars were more stylishly designed than other cars they were badge engineered and some of the offerings at that included names such as Acclaim, Laser, Breeze, Neon and Volare.

By 1990 Plymouth had lost much of its originality and the features and prices started overlapping with Eagles and Dodges. Attempts to revive the brand with a new logo and marketing strategy only contributed to its doom and sales started dropping at alarming rates. The company expected to expand with new models of cars after the Daimler and Plymouth Prowler a sports model was the first one to come out. After 1990 years production hardly scaled 200,000 units compared to the peak production of 973,000 achieved in 1973. A second generation Neon was the last model of the Plymouth marquee in 2000-2001.

Latest Plymouth news

Plymouth 1962 Sport Fury – Grandeur and Glory

2013-12-10 01:26:59

Plymouth is a successful automobile manufacturing brand in the USA. Plymouth brand vehicles are made by Chrysler Corporation and then its successor DaimlerChrysler. After long years of commendable performance in the automobile industry, the production of Plymouth models was discontinued in June 2001 in the United States. The grand Plymouth model Fury 1962 was a commendable sales maker for the company for a considerable period of time.

Plymouth-One Of The Outstanding Brands Of Automobiles In The USA

2014-01-30 23:28:45

One of the most reputed automobiles United States is Plymouth. It truly depicts a class of the United States in actual terms. The car was mainly produced by the Chrysler Corporation along with Daimler Chrysler. However, the production was stopped on 29th June 2001. It was founded on 7th July 1928. 

PLYMOUTH: Way to go guys!!!

2014-04-15 12:03:34

Would you want to go for a long drive in a vehicle that comes under the Plymouth brand of automotives? Based in the U.S.; manufactured by Chrysler Corps, as well as its descendant Daimler Chrysler, this automotive has been in news ever since its first version came onto the roads. The production unit got closed in the month of June the 29, year 2001. Plymouth had come out in the open in the month of July the 7th 1928, as Chrysler Corps’s foremost entry in the field of cost-effectively made automobiles in competition with Chevrolet and Ford.

Interesting things about Plymouth

2014-05-30 12:20:51

Plymouth was the nest selling cars of its era owned by Chrysler first and now by Daimler Chrysler and existed for more than 70 years and discontinued in 2001. Today you can find great many Plymouths on the salvages yard of America and some of them are still in fine condition, if want to feel like restoring them. 

American Muscle Cars: Plymouth’s Hemi and Viper Barracuda Convertibles

2014-07-10 12:47:11

The late 20th Century was a majestic one for American muscle cars, what with their ample iconic rolling off the Big Three’s Assembly lines. None of them could although manage to achieve the rarity as was part of Plymouth’s 1971 Hemi’ Cuda and Viper’ Cuda convertibles. Also in the league is the 1967 model year debut Plymouth Belvedere.

Plymouth models list:

Plymouth Acclaim1990-1995Plymouth Breeze1996-2000
Plymouth Colt1990-1994Plymouth Grand Voyager1990-2000
Plymouth Horizon1990-1990Plymouth Laser1990-1994
Plymouth Neon1995-2001Plymouth Prowler1997-2001
Plymouth Sundance1990-1994Plymouth Voyager1990-2000

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