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The Phenomenal Rise Of Nissan Motor Company

The Nissan motor company was founded in 1933, 26th November and is headquartered at Nishi-Ku, Yokohama, Japan. Nissan motor has been into manufacturing automobiles, forklift trucks and outboard motors and till 2011 the automobile giant has enrolled 155,099 human resources in its payroll. The Nissan motor company is the member of the Nissan Group but with its success in the automobile market it has become more of an independent entity under the CEO Carlos Ghosn who had restructured it. Nissan sat at number six in global standing after, Volkswagen Group, Toyota, General Motors, Ford and Hyundai Motor Group in 2011 and marketed its automobiles under the brand name of Datsun earlier.

Rising of Nissan Brand

The company entered into a partnership with Renault S.A., France and in the two way agreement it owned 15% of the Renault shares and the partner company owned 43.4% of Nissan. The company apart from its regular models also manufactures a range of luxury cars in the brand name ‘Infiniti’. In the year 1911 Masujiro Hashimoto started The Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works and in the year 1914 rolled out the company’s first car named DAT. In 1918 the company became Kwaishinsha Motorcar Co., Ltd and renamed as DAT Motor Co in the year 1925. Most of the company’s production was dedicated to trucks because there were no demands for passenger cars. In 1926 the company merged with the Osaka based Jitsuyo Motors and became DAT Automobile Manufacturing Company Ltd. The company produced its first small car named DATSON and when Nissan took charge the name was changed to DATSUN.

Nissan Goes Global

Nissan entered into an agreement with Austin in 1952 and made its mark in the US by building Austin Sevens. The company started manufacturing sports cars and produced Datsun Fairlady roadsters, Datsun 510, race winning series 411 and world class Datsun 240Z. The company has collaborated with several automobile companies and continues to manufacture sports cars, luxury automobiles, trucks and tractors. It has manufacturing locations in Japan, USA, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Morocco, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, UK, Republic of China, South Africa and Russia.

Present Status

The company has a stupendous output of 4,889,379 units as on 2012 and has earned a revenue of ¥9.63 trillion. Until 2012 the company has also earned a profit of ¥342.4 billion. It has three manufacturing divisions namely Datsun, Nismo and Infiniti. Nissan registered global sales of 2,555,962 units in 1998 and in 2012 it stands at 4,940,133.

Latest Nissan news

The performance of Nissan and the division of Motorsports makes a car, even better

2013-11-30 23:05:52

Nissan is a full-line automaker, which is headquartered in Tokyo. It was born in 1934, when the automakers marketed the vehicles under the original name. During financial pressure, it entered into an alliance with the automaker, Renault in 1999. It is run by Carlos Ghosn. It was the first brand to provide a truck of full size, named The Titan, in the US. 

2014 Nissan Rogue car review

2013-12-15 11:11:51

2014 Nissan Rogue is ranked fourth among 22 affordable and compact SUVs. The ranking is based on analysis of best test drivers and expert reviews. Nissan Rogue has ample storage space, excellent fuel economy and quiet polished cabin but its power output can be refined. It offers flawless usability, well designed interiors and competitive mileage.

Nissan MicraK12-A stunning compact car

2014-01-10 00:36:51

Nissan MicraK12 a supermini car traces its history from 2002 with 5speed manual transmission 1.2CR12DE petrol based version which includes 5door hatchback for your convenience. Driving control enhancing performance is special about this car. Most distinctive feature is its driving with safety aspects. 

How Pioneering Automotive Company Got Its Name As ‘Nissan’

2014-01-12 07:21:41

The pioneer of today has very interesting background in its historic path of evolution. Not only it teaches values but also portrays how hard the lives of the legends are. The automotive industry has got one such pioneer of Japanese origin. 

Top 6 All Time Best Models Of Nissan Cars

2014-01-19 10:23:17

Nissan has been a pioneering automobile company, manufacturing astonishing car models every year. The expert designers of the company have given breakthrough models, out of which a few were really revolutionary and played a vital role in shaping the modern world of automobiles. 

Nissan models list:

Nissan 370Z 2009-2013
Nissan Altima 1993-2013
Nissan Armada 2004-2013
Nissan Cube 2009-2013
Nissan Frontier 1998-2013
Nissan GT-R 2009-2014
Nissan Juke 2011-2013
Nissan Leaf 2011-2013
Nissan Maxima 1990-2013
Nissan Murano 2003-2013
Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet 2011-2014
Nissan NV 2012-2013
Nissan NV Passenger 2012-2013
Nissan NV200 2013-2013
Nissan Pathfinder 1990-2013
Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid 2014-2014
Nissan Quest 1993-2013
Nissan Rogue 2008-2013
Nissan Sentra 1990-2013
Nissan Titan 2004-2015
Nissan Versa 2007-2014
Nissan Versa Note 2014-2014
Nissan Xterra 2000-2013
Nissan 200SX1995-1998Nissan 240SX1990-1998
Nissan 300ZX1990-1996Nissan 350Z2003-2009
Nissan Altima Hybrid2007-2011Nissan Axxess1990-1990
Nissan NX1991-1993Nissan Pulsar1990-1990
Nissan Stanza1990-1992Nissan Truck1990-1997
Nissan Van1990-1990

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