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Mercury, The Ford Version Of Luxury Vehicle

Mercury automobile was launched by Edsel Ford, son of Henry Ford in the year 1938 and was a marquee of Ford Motor Company. It was launched as a luxury car and figured in between the luxury Lincoln brand automobiles and regular Ford brands luxury automobiles. This was also similar to the products such as General Motor’s Buick the erstwhile Oldsmobile and the Chrysler brands. It was the Lincoln half of Mercury that ruled the assembly lines between 1945 and 2011 till it was phased out. Only during 1958-1960 the Edsel brand of Mercury was included with the division. Most Mercury models were Ford platform based and used badge engineering.

Performance of Mercury in Market

Mercury in its initial years was termed as a performance vehicle and later in 2003 the legacy was revived briefly by the Mercury Marauder. Most of its sales were concentrated in the US, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Mexico and the Middle East and in Canada the brand was dropped. However the Grand Marquis with the Mercury badge was marketed there throughout 2007. The Mercury brand was phased out by Ford in the year 2011 after the dip in sales and the company channelized its energy on engineering and promoting the Ford and Lincoln brands. The last of the Mercury automobile, the Grand Marquis came out of the assembly line in the year 2011, January 4th.

Foundation of Mercury

This Automobile Company was started by Edsel Ford with the intention presenting a luxury version of the company’s old Lincoln and Ford brands as well as to trim the huge price gap between both these cars. The Mercury division was started in 1937 and the car was designed by E.T. ‘Bob’ Gregorie among debate whether it should be a new marquee or should be spun off of an older version. Mercury was the brand name chosen after considering hundreds of different marquee and model names. Mercury was derived from Roman Mythology where the name represented the ‘Messenger of Gods’.

Major Mercury Vehicles

The Mercury brand of vehicles included Mercury Milan, the Grand marquis, Mountaineer and Mariner and the company still honors the warranty of these vehicles for people who have bought them even though its production has been phased out. Sales figures of the Mercury vehicle dipped to an all time low of 93,195 in 2010 from its sales figures of 359,143 in the year 2000. The sales figures included car models Grand Marquis, Mountaineer, Milan, Mariner, Sable, Montego, Cougar, Mystique, villager, and Monterey. Ford Company is no more producing the Mercury fleet of vehicles after it tactically phased it out.

Latest Mercury news

Enjoy the luxurious ride of Mercury

2013-11-30 23:00:38

The Mercury is a marquee of automobiles, launched in 1938 by Ford Company. The founders were Edsel Ford, who marketed entry level luxurious cars. They are slotted between regular models of ford branded and Lincoln branded. This automobile was very similar to General Motors Buick, which belonged to the Chrysler division of Chrysler Motors. The term “Mercury” is derived from the messenger of Gods in Rome. 

Mercury Automobile – Jack Of The Automotive Industry

2014-01-12 07:14:29

Not all car manufacturing companies had been the Jack of the automotive industry. This is the title that can be well reserved for the Mercury Automobile. However, the triumph of prophecy was not audible right from the moment it stepped into the market. But, the gradually shaping of the tone was not unpredictable for the market researchers.

Interesting Tale Of Incredible Logo Of Mercury Automobile

2014-01-16 23:08:39

Describing the breakthrough sequences in the treasury words, the story of the Mercury Automobiles would be the first name in the list. It is very interesting to note how the company got popular due its sparkling, attractive logo on the stunning car models. The evolution of the company’s logo is itself an interesting chronicle.

Perfect Hybrid Mercury Milan – Review

2014-02-04 09:28:37

Mercury is a subsidiary brand of Ford Motors, which was established in 1938 by the Edsel Ford, who is the son of Sir Henry Ford. The aim was to make entry-level luxury model cars. Most of the Mercury models were however based on Ford platforms itself. The Hybrid version Mercury Milan was released in 2010.

Mercury Milan-Looking for those who point on stylish differences

2014-02-07 02:18:38

The history of the car Mercury Milan traces its days back to 2006. Being a mid-size sedan and a 4 door sedan, the layout of the car is front engine and front wheel drive, also the car is only equipped with 6 speed automatic transmission. The car is based on 3L Duratec engine with 25 valve based on V6 engine. The car possesses the Select shift features which can allow the driver to select the gears.

Mercury models list:

Mercury Capri1991-1994Mercury Cougar1990-2002
Mercury Grand Marquis1990-2011Mercury Marauder2003-2004
Mercury Mariner2005-2011Mercury Mariner Hybrid2006-2011
Mercury Milan2006-2011Mercury Milan Hybrid2010-2011
Mercury Montego2005-2007Mercury Monterey2004-2007
Mercury Mountaineer1997-2010Mercury Mystique1995-2000
Mercury Sable1990-2009Mercury Topaz1990-1994
Mercury Tracer1991-1999Mercury Villager1993-2002

Mercury image gallery:

Mercury engine

Mercury wheels

Mercury black

Mercury white

Mercury red

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