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The MINI – The Small Car with Great Impact

The MINI was firstly created by the British Motor Corporation as a small economy car which has quickly become an icon of the 60's. Its layout was conceived to save space ad has front-wheel drive. Seen as the British equivalent to Volkswagen Beetle, MINI also gained fame in North America.

The World Conquest

A two-door vehicle, MINI was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis and manufactured at the Cowley and Longbridge plants, but also in Spain, Belgium, Australia, Italy, Portugal, Chile, South Africa and more. Numerous variations of the basic model were released. The MINI brand even produced a van, a pick-up truck, an estate car and even rally cars.

The Early Stages

The successful MINI rally cars won the Monte Carlo Rally 4 times in the 1960's. During this time, the marketed models were named Morris Mini-Minor and Austin Seven, then Austin Mini. Later, the market would know the Rover Mini. The original car had been built from 1949 to 2000 but the generic design has remained mostly unchanged throughout its whole history, which is a very lengthy one.

The Design Particularities

It appears that the MINI design was a result of a fuel shortage. Large cars no longer sold well in the UK, while Germany's bubble cars were doing great on the market. BMC couldn't really stand them, so it decided to provide a “proper miniature car”. The passenger accommodation occupied 6 of the 10 feet available in length, the vehicle had to use an existing engine and the working team had to be small. Front-wheel drive was employed, the water-cooled engine was mounted transversely, and the transmission was using the engine oil. The monocoque shell design was representative to the MINIs. Some of the models add front and read sub-frames to lessen the load on the suspensions. Also, the carburettor is moved at the back.

New Developments and Perspectives for MINI

The more recent models of MINI are John Cooper LE and Cooper sport 500 LE. The first one was produced for the 40-year anniversary of the brand and of the first Formula 1 victory for Cooper. In 2000, the last MINI model built at the Longbridge plant was the Red Cooper Sport. A new Hardtop will be debuting in November 2013 and photos of the R56 model's interior were made public. In total, MINI has produced 5.4 million cars, which makes it Britain's most prolific automobile manufacturer. No wonder some have even called it “the greatest car of all time”.

Latest MINI news

The mini, the British Icon which inspired auto designs

2013-11-30 23:14:23

Mini was an economy car of compact size manufactured by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) and a long line of successor came out of the assembly line till the company was ultimately shut down in 2000. The original design was considered as a 1960 British Icon and it inspired a horde of automakers in the coming years. The revolutionary front wheel drive layout enabled the car to spare 80% of floor space to passengers and their luggage. 

Mini, the British wonder that took on German Beetle

2014-01-12 07:16:29

Mini compact cars were held in high esteem along with the Volkswagen Beetle and were hailed as a line of cars which influenced the automobile industry most.  Mini cars by British Motor Corporation had a path-breaking front wheel drive layout that enable to save floor space as much as 80% for the passengers.

The new 2014 Mini Cooper Hardtop to carry on the legend

2014-01-19 10:08:18

The latest offering from Mini would not resemble the original Austin Minis designed by Alec Issigonis but would remain a Mini in spirit and size. The Mini Cooper Hardtop that would see the light in the New Year would still be fun to drive with and zippy, practical and cute to be unique in the modern automotive world.

Mini Cooper S – Amazing Review in 2014

2014-02-04 09:30:31

MINI is a small and budget car made by the BMC (British Motor Corporation), which had been operational from 1959 to 2000. The model is a highly space-saving front-wheel drive, which allows more than 80% of its floor area to be used by the passengers and luggage. Mini Cooper S was one of the very successful models by them.

The New Mini Cooper is more agile and a customization heaven

2014-05-17 13:01:15

The latest Mini is absolutely new under the hood but is there a character change in it? The new car is entirely new including the nuts and bolts, however it resembles the last Mini in appearance but that is how Mini works. You find the new Mini a little beefy on the side, but the weight limits taken care off.

MINI models list:

MINI Cooper 2002-2013
MINI Cooper Clubman 2008-2013
MINI Cooper Clubvan 2013-2013
MINI Cooper Countryman 2011-2013
MINI Cooper Coupe 2012-2013
MINI Cooper Paceman 2013-2013
MINI Cooper Roadster 2012-2013

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MINI engine

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