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Lotus Cars – From Racing to the Street and Back to Racing

Lotus has never been a big car brand, yet is had been around with no interruption since the 40's. Colin Chapman, the founder, is said to have influenced the modern automobile industry more than anyone else has. An engineer, a driver, an innovator and absolutely a genius, Chapman built the first Lotus car using an Austin Seven from the 30's and a power drill in a garage. The second car he made won a race championship.

Racing Success

The Lotus Engineering Company was founded in 1952. Throughout the decade, race vehicles were created. The first production car to be made by the company was the Mark 6 racer. A hundred such models were built in the coming 2 years. The factory has increasing activity and thus Lotus Seven and Eleven debuted on track. Lotus gained fame through its victories at Le Mans and also in Formula 1 races. After a long absence, Lotus returned to Formula 1 in 20120.

More for the Lineup

The light Lotus Elan roadster was the only road car for the company in the 60's, the rest being race cars. Lotus Elan Plus 2 is released soon, then the 4-door Cortina, the wagon-like Europa. Car production moved to Norfolk and continues there up to this day. Throughout the fuel crisis, Lotus doesn't follow its competitors but keeps the same approach and builds lightweight vehicles. It launched a new version of Elite and the angular Esprit in 1975. Lotus cars mostly feature fiberglass bodies on steel backbones, a structure to be perpetuated for the next decades.

The Recent Years

General Motors bought the company in 1986. 10 years later, the British brand is acquired by Bugatti, but soon dropped to a Malaysian buyer. When Bugatti sold it, it was a good year for Lotus. The success was due to its Elise model, acclaimed for its speed and light weight. Production took a leap from 800 to 2500. In 2009, the 4-seat Evora is launched. Lotus Elise SC 220 performs excellently, as well as the Evora model, the “daily driver” to please a large crowd.

Since Lotus was bought by the Malaysian firm, its future has been uncertain. There were plans for future models, but these are now canceled. So far, it is focused only on releasing versions of its existent car lineup. At the moment, it is a sensible business for Lotus. It has been recently investing in and developing top sports cars, but this is expected to have a negative effect on the company's finances.

Latest Lotus news

Lotus, The Formula 1 Champion Cars

2013-11-30 00:19:16

Lotus cars are worldwide known sports and racing cars from the British manufacturer Lotus. The company’s highly successful racing cars include Elies, Evora and Exige that make up the Formula 1 Team Lotus. The UK based automobile company is based at RAF Hethal, Norfolk a airfield used in World War II. Lotus is known for its light weight automobile engineering for race cars and its handling characteristics. 

Lotus Cars, celebrated British racing cars

2014-01-12 00:43:29

Team Lotus is known for its excellence on the racing tracks around the world and the British auto manufacturers the Lotus Cars have produced champion racing cars like Exige, Elise and Evora to contribute to the success. Lotus has further announced to develop five more cars to add to the tally in the next 5 years.

Lotus racing cars, the masters of the racing tracks around the world

2014-01-16 23:05:32

When you say “Lotus” the first thing that would pop in your mind would be “Racing” if you happened to be an avid car watcher. The brand is committed to the racing track as it has been over the years and is among the most successful icons in the world of racing. 

Reviewing the Featherweight Lotus Elise

2014-02-04 09:24:12

Lotus Cars is a famous British manufacturer of sports coupes and racing cars. TH famous models of Lotus are the Elise, Evora, and Exige sports cars, ridden by the Formula I Team Lotus. Lotus Elise is a strong competitor in the sector of those hitting a mile from standstill in just less than 5 seconds, by offering a commendable fuel economy too.

Lotus Exige S-Top class model renowned with luxury and style

2014-02-07 02:17:12

Being a luxury sedan, the history of the car Lotus Exige S traces its days back to 2008. Possessing a 3.5L engine, the car is based on V6 engine based one. A 2+2 sports car being introduced is mated with six speed transmission. Being the British manufacturer of racing and sports car, Exige S is a classy model to race. 

Lotus models list:

Lotus Evora 2010-2013
Lotus Elise2005-2011Lotus Esprit2001-2004
Lotus Exige2006-2011

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