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Isuzu, Once the World's Leader in Trucks Production

Isuzu is Japan's mid-size truck manufacturer boasting with a history of over 90 years. It is not solitary in its field in the home country, but competing with Kia and Hyundai. The Tokio Ishikawajima Shipbuilding and Engineering Company got to release a first truck in 1918, then obtained the license to produce Wolseley vehicles with a British base, this being the first of its many collaborations with overseas companies. The company's founder is Yoshisuke Aikawa.

The Road to Manufacturing Trucks

The first Isuzu car was completed in 1922. The next step, in 1935, was building a bus prototype – a premiere for Japan. The model featured an underfloor engine and air brakes. The real Isuzu activity began with the founding of Tokyo Jidosha Kogyo Company, focused on developing Diesel engines. The 40's see an expansion into the marked of middle-range and heavy trucks. Nowadays, Isuzu is producing commercial vehicles as well as diesel engines and is still based in Tokyo.

The Distinctive Isuzu Achievements

Isuzu equipment was made to work well in extremely cold weather. These have been serving the Antarctic Observation Base of Japan for over half a century. Also in Japan, the brand was much acclaimed for its designs as well, receiving a total of 20 Good Design awards. 3 million trucks were produced, superior to the Daimler-Benz production.

The Partnership with General Motors

The company attracted investors, including General Motors, and the two would produce in a joint venture the Chevrolet Luv and Buick Opel, destined to the US and Canada markets. GM strengthened the connection and thus American Isuzu Motors was founded, starting the brand's world conquest.

Diesel Engine Producer

21 million diesel engines were manufactured by Isuzu by year 2009 and sold worldwide. These engines are also used by General Motors and the Renault-Nissan Alliance. Starting with the 80's, the brand has been exporting engines anywhere in the world.

Manufactured Models

Isuzu is recognized for a series of commercial vehicles:

  • Light/Medium/Heavy duty trucks,

  • Light/Medium/Heavy duty buses,

  • Low deck buses.

These commercial vehicles are known as: Elf, Forward, Giga, Gala, Gala Mio, Erga, Erga-J, Erga Mio, Journey, Journey-J, Reach and the h-Series. Isuzu has also manufactured concept cars (Terazza, Nagisa, Costa, COA, Deseo, Zen etc.) and two race cars - Bellet R6 and the R7 in the early 70's.

Isuzu now has over 7000 employees, but has withdrawn from the US market in 2008. At the present time, it is specialized in SUV production and the overall numbers have seen a decline in the past two decades.


Latest Isuzu news

Isuzu motors, the Commercial Vehicle Specialist

2013-11-29 23:54:41

Isuzu is popular for manufacturing diesel engines for automobiles and by 2009 had sold over 21 million diesel engines which have been homed in to millions of transport vehicles across the world. More than the passenger vehicles Isuzu’s name is synonymous with city busses, minibuses and trucks of various sizes in most of the Asian and African countries. By 2013 the company has earned revenue of ¥1,300,600 million and employs over 7,000 employees.

The 2012 Isuzu D-Max Crew Cab and Space Cab

2014-01-12 00:15:32

Isuzu Motors are a global leader in automobile manufacturing, which is based in Tokyo, Japan. They are in the production, distribution, sales and services of the commercial vehicles branded Isuzu as well as manufacturing of diesel engines. The company was started in 1916 and its former name was the Tokyo Gas Company. The latest model Isuzu D-Max, which hit the road in 2012 had a good acceptance.

The Isuzu 2006 i-350 Reviews

2014-02-20 00:46:03

The 2006 Isuzu I-350 has been released after a gap of about 2 years after the release of my-series and the Colorado / Canyon. Despite similar exteriors, same type of equipment, Isuzu confirms that the product is not a badge engineered. The technology shared by both i and Colorado, Canyon was actually developed by both organizations in the initial phase. 

2004 Isuzu i-Series is not a competition for the GM twins

2014-05-17 12:57:01

The Isuzu i-series pickup trucks, which are based on the GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado is the latest rebadged versions from Isuzu. Isuzu in recent times has been rebadging the GM vehicles. This series is available in single and double cab versions and in either 4x4 or 4 x 2 configurations. 

Facts you must know about Isuzu motors

2014-06-12 23:27:59

Isuzu, the Japanese vehicle manufactures founded in 1920’s are quite popular for their trucks. The company started focusing commercial vehicle after world war II and they manufactured trucks to sell in the open market in Southeast Asia  for affordable price. They have manufactured SUV’s, cars, buses and heavy freight vehicles. Many of their vehicles are re-branded as Chevrolet to sell outside Southeast Asia. 

Isuzu models list:

Isuzu Amigo1990-2000Isuzu Ascender2003-2008
Isuzu Axiom2002-2004Isuzu Hombre1996-2000
Isuzu Impulse1990-1992Isuzu Oasis1996-1999
Isuzu Pickup1990-1995Isuzu Rodeo1991-2004
Isuzu Rodeo Sport2001-2003Isuzu Stylus1991-1993
Isuzu Trooper1990-2002Isuzu VehiCROSS1999-2001
Isuzu i-Series2006-2008

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Isuzu engine

Isuzu wheels

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