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Infiniti – Nissan's Luxury Range Reborn

In 1989, Japan's automaker Nissan Motor Company starts selling new vehicles in North America under the name of its newly released luxury division – Infiniti. The brand is now available in over 15 countries through 230 dealers. In 2012, the headquarters were moved to Hong Kong and the whole title of the division would become Infiniti Global Limited. Its newly appointed CEO is Johan de Nysschen, Audi's former CEO in America.

The Brand Concept

The Infiniti vehicles do not bear this brand name in Japan, but are marketed as Nissan. The US have known the Infiniti brand since 1989, when it had reached the premium vehicle market segment. At the same time, Toyota developed its Lexus luxury brand, a main competitor. The cars have an appearance that separates them from similar products, especially through their monochrome interiors of vinyl and leather and no contrasting additions. Concerning the marketing, Infiniti ads did not show the actual cars, but focused on soothing nature scenes.

About the Infiniti Range

The following are some of the best known and best sold models of the Infinity luxury brand, with a few basic specifications:

  • Q45 – based on the JDM Nissan President, competing against the BMW 7 Series, Cadillac Fleetwood or Jaguar XJ.

  • M30 – based on Nissan Leopard, also in coupe and convertible versions, and bearing few resemblances to the Q45.

  • J30 – entry-level for the luxury market, later in a 4-door coupe version.

  • G20 – based on Nissan Primera, with an improved engine and leather interior.

  • QX4 – mid-size luxury SUV, premium version of Nissan Pathfinder

Current models: Infiniti G, M (all sedan variations), EX, FX, QX56 and JX.

Discontinued: G, G25, G35, M30, QX4, J30, I30 and I35, Q45.

Concept cars: Triant (2003), Kuraza (2005), Essence (2009), Etherea (2011), Emerg-E and LE (2012).

The Rebirth – A Change of Focus

From 2000 on, unsuccessful sales would force the brand to switch its focus to luxury sport cars and come with a new powerful lineup. The company redesigned the flagship model Q45, but it was the G35 to improve the sales. In recent years, the new G series would make for 60% of the sales. Today, the Nissan FM platform is the base of most Infiniti sedans, crossovers and coupes, with the engine center positioned behind the front wheels.


The Infiniti Q50 is scheduled for a 2014 release, along with the Q6 Convertible and Coupe, QX50, QX60, QX70 and QX80. No supercar is in sight so far, as the CEO has dismissed the rumors about a model that would make all heads turn. Nevertheless, a future range topper is being discussed.


Latest Infiniti news

Infiniti, the Japanese luxury car by Nissan

2013-11-22 22:49:00

Infiniti founded in 1989 and it is the luxury vehicle division of Nissan Motor Company, the Japanese auto manufacturer. The Infiniti brands of vehicles are sold in 15 countries through 230 dealers all over the world. Its first official entry into North America automobile market took place on November 8, 1989.  The brand’s homeland, Japan will be seeing its first car being marketed in the country in the year 2014, the Infiniti Q50 variant hybrid.

Infiniti G37-Brand dominating style and elegance

2014-01-10 00:26:29

Tracing the history of Infiniti G37, you may have to go back to the days of 2009 which is much more than a car. Based on the scores or awards achieved, Infiniti G37 turns out to be best among the cars satisfying customer index, best handling cars, given much value for suspension and value. Availing the air bags for the safety aspect, the car is at the zenith of fame. 

Infiniti G37-Portrays the luxury and royal look

2014-02-06 01:38:55

Being a royal sedan, the car Infiniti G37 convertible traces its days back to 2009. Being a 2 door convertible, the layout of the car is front engine, rear wheel drive, all wheel drive, also the car possesses the engine of 3.7L engine. The car is based on V6 engine. Also the transmission of the car turns out to be 7 speed automatic transmissions. The car belongs to the fourth generation. 

The all new 2014 Infiniti Q50S, a car for the young and sporty

2014-02-19 10:55:48

The new 2014 Infiniti Q50S is the offspring of the 2004 Infiniti G35 6MT released a decade ago by the brand. The new car is equipped with 3.7 Liter V6 engine producing 328hp/269lb-ft and rear-wheel drive train with 7-speed automatic transmission. It can seat 2 at the front and 3 in the rear and can leave 13.5 cu-ft of cargo space to passengers.

Infiniti Q60- A Wonder Ride

2014-03-16 11:34:30

Competing with the quality and class of BMW 4 Series or Mercedes C Class Coupe would be a difficult task. However the Infiniti Q60 with its stylish as well as technology equipped body is now competing as the finest vehicle on Europe’s roads. Q60 Coupe has the similar underpinnings as the Nissan 370Z; however the body work has the distinct mark of Infiniti. 

Infiniti models list:

Infiniti EX 2011-2013
Infiniti FX 2011-2013
Infiniti G Convertible 2011-2013
Infiniti G Coupe 2011-2013
Infiniti G Sedan 2011-2013
Infiniti JX 2013-2013
Infiniti M 2012-2013
Infiniti Q50 2014-2014
Infiniti QX 2012-2013
Infiniti QX60 2014-2014
Infiniti EX352008-2010Infiniti FX352003-2010
Infiniti FX452003-2008Infiniti FX502009-2010
Infiniti G201991-2002Infiniti G352003-2008
Infiniti G372008-2009Infiniti G37 Convertible2010-2010
Infiniti G37 Coupe2010-2010Infiniti G37 Sedan2010-2010
Infiniti I301996-2001Infiniti I352002-2004
Infiniti J301993-1997Infiniti M301990-1992
Infiniti M352006-2010Infiniti M372011-2011
Infiniti M452003-2010Infiniti M562011-2011
Infiniti Q451990-2006Infiniti QX41997-2003
Infiniti QX562004-2011

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Infiniti engine

Infiniti wheels

Infiniti black

Infiniti white

Infiniti red

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