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Honda – From Modesty to Glory. The Japanese Pioneering Brand

The Honda brand was born under unusual circumstances. As Japan was being torn by World War II, its economy was facing a serious challenge. The company managed to get settled quickly, taking advantage of an open spot created by the conflict. From there it got o worldwide fame, growing into the 5th largest vehicle manufacturer on the planet.

Success through Fixing the WWII Destruction

Honda was founded in 1948 by Soichiro Honda. It was a necessary business, as it got to provide the vehicles to replace those destroyed in the war. Many factories were gone and thus the population was in need of a manufacturer to fill the gaps.

A Cheap and Indispensable Car

Considering the circumstances, Honda couldn't have committed to absurd standards. Its goal was to create cars that would serve well a great part of the population and which would be afforded by as many people as possible. Keeping a rather modest standard was what led to the Honda expansion and even bring the band into the US, thus establishing the American Honda Co. Soichiro's cars were not just modest, though. These were examples of new engineering, of more useful and economical solutions which soon took over the world.

Prepared to Face the Changes of Each Decade

In the 1960's, Honda enters the motor sport competitions. Also, the market sees the release of a larger model for the Americans, the Honda Civic. The technology used was perfect to meet the challenges of the 70's, with the new regulations due to the energy crisis. Honda Accord became another hit of the decade.

Conquering America and the Step to Luxury

Honda was the first Japanese car manufacturer to conquer the American land. In 1982 it opens a plant in the US – in Maysville, Ohio. Two more were built in Alabama and South Carolina. In 1986, Honda began producing luxury cars, but without competing with the Europeans and the Americans. The range was named Acura and comprised variations of the already successful models.

Current Involvements

Ever since the launch of its better engine, the V-Tec with variable valve control, the company has been interested in smart engine development, also improving safety, pre-crash warning and avoidance systems. In motor sports, Honda constantly aims for the podiums through its motorcycles, which are the direct competitors of the Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha Japanese brands.


Latest Honda news

Honda, the contemporary vehicle with a difference

2013-11-21 11:52:45

Honda was known for its motorcycles and internal combustion engines and was the largest motorcycle producers since 1959. The company was manufacturing a staggering 14 million units of engines every year and stood second largest automobile manufacturers in the year 2001 for Japan. The company has a global presence in the automobile market and was the first Japanese company to introduce a luxury brand of car called Accura in the year 1986.

Honda Accord-Simplified yet Elegant vehicle

2013-12-13 09:39:35

Honda the brand being a Japanese invention turns out to be the largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines, which traces its history for brand new Accord since 1976. The car is very much compact and four door sedan variant which has introduced cars in nine different generations as of till now. This new Accord is awarded as the Green car of the year, which has a top level ranking in all its areas which positively augments the sale ratio too.

2014 Honda CR-V Car Review

2013-12-15 10:56:30

2014 Honda CR-V car has recently won the competition against most popular cars like Subaru, Hyundai Tuscan, and Forester. Honda CR-V ranks 3 out of twenty two affordable and compact SUVs. With a comfortable, roomy interior, incredible performance and lots of technical features, Honda CR-V stands out in highly competitive class. 

Honda Brio-Sub compact model enabling style and comfort

2014-01-23 02:16:52

The history of the Honda Brio car traces back its history back to the days of 2011. Being a sub-compact car possessing a 5door hatchback, the car possesses the layout as front engine. The car possesses the transmission of 5speed manual or a continuously variable transmission. Powered by a 4 cylinder, the car possesses the safety measures much more. Advanced Compatibility Engineering option enhances the protection.

Third Generation 2014 Honda Accord With Glamorous Outlook

2014-02-19 10:51:08

The Honda Automobile has always been a champ of the vibrant style modes and the performance when it comes to present a marvelous car in the Global Market. Reciting the storyline of Honda Accord model right from the first Generation, the 9th Generation Model has all facilities integrated in one for an outstanding car. 

Honda models list:

Honda Accord 1990-2013
Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid 2014-2014
Honda CR-V 1997-2013
Honda CR-Z 2011-2013
Honda Civic 1990-2013
Honda Crosstour 2012-2013
Honda Fit 2007-2013
Honda Fit EV 2013-2013
Honda Insight 2000-2013
Honda Odyssey 1995-2013
Honda Pilot 2003-2013
Honda Ridgeline 2006-2013
Honda Accord Crosstour2010-2011Honda Civic CRX1990-1991
Honda Civic del Sol1993-1997Honda Element2003-2011
Honda Passport1994-2002Honda Prelude1990-2001
Honda S20002000-2009

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