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Geo Automobiles – Ephemeral Brand, Worldwide Notoriety

 Owned by General Motors, Geo started as a subdivision of Chevrolet that was founded in 1989 and targeted the compact car niche market of the mid 1980s. The Geo vehicles were small-sized economical cars that are still very reliable. Visually, these were rather built for the eccentric taste and due to this quality they are still recognizable today.

 The Geo Cars and Foreign Collaborations

 Geo had a diverse lineup. Besides the Geo Prizm, Geo Metro, Geo Tracker and Geo Spectrum to name the ones launched in 1989, it also featured sedans, subcompacts, sport cars and SUVs, all highly efficient with fuel and showing eco-friendly engineering. Here is the full list of the most famous cars produced:

  • Geo Metro – economy small car,

  • Geo Prizm – compact 4-door sedan,

  • Geo Spectrum – subcompact,

  • Geo Storm – sports car,

  • Geo Tracker – SUV.

 General Motors had manufactured the Geo vehicles in collaboration with 3 automakers in Japan. The two exceptions, Storm and Spectrum, were entirely made in Japan by Isuzu. The Trackers and convertibles were manufactured by Suzuki. When producing the Prizm in California, Toyota had joined the efforts. As it can be observed, its concept is based on the Toyota Corolla. The four main models had been the basics of the brand.

 A Discontinued Line

 The crowd's interest in economy small cars didn't last for long, and for this reason Geo had to put an end to its line and stop the production. Its main models started being produced for the Chevrolet brand. Geo Storm was discontinued in 1993, Tracker, Prizm and Metro lasted until 1997. As the economy compact type would no longer be of interest in the 1990s, the last model – the Tracker – was discontinued in year 2004.

 Geo Drivers and Brand Appreciation

 In spite of the short life span of the brand, Geo reached a significant level of fame. The minimal stature and the engines have been the features that people remember. While others would make jokes about these, the owners do have some praise words to say. A tiny engine would mean great gas mileage, while the small size of the car would allow for very easy parking. Those who are careful with their expenditures or who are concerns with the environment are the ones to fully appreciate a Geo. Their drivers today can optimize their cars by buying replacements for Geo car parts. A large selection of Geo parts can be easily accessed online, with certain items being available at discounted prices.


Latest Geo news

Geo Metro Convertible – The All time Hit from Geo Motors

2013-11-22 22:38:41

Geo was the small car manufacturer started General Motors with its slogan being "Get to know Geo." It was first formed in 1980s and was competing successfully in the small import market which continued till 1997 after which the remaining models were given the name of Chevrolet as they had taken over the unit. Geo models were manufactured by GM in joint venture with three Japanese automakers like Toyota, Suzuki and by Isuzu. The Geo Metro Convertible was a model released by Geo inn 1992, which had been one of the favorite among the car lovers for long.

Geo automobile, the small car division of General Motors

2014-02-18 01:52:07

Geo was a brand of compact cars manufactured by GM from 1989 to 1997 as a sub-division of the Chevrolet division. The car was preceded by the slogan ‘Get to know Geo’ and the brand was introduced mainly to compete with the growing demand for small cars triggered by imports.  

Geo: Can’t give up the passion to drive in it?

2014-04-22 11:08:36

If you got to be doing nothing but driving what would you choose to drive in? Geo vehicles might fit in the foci of the lens that you would want to peep through in. Take your family for a fun driving experience. The cars that once made every onlooker to turn up and gaze at what Geo vehicles, people were driving in, began to take it for granted that nothing sells best than perfection. There is no other adjective to be added to their cars rather than the word ‘fab’. Hit it!

Know more about Geo Vehicles

2014-06-10 09:38:22

 Geo vehicles created and marketed by General motors were popular selling smaller  vehicle segment,  lasted 10 years in the market. Geo established in 1998, being popular American brand was taken over by Chevrolet later. Few Geo models got merged with Chevrolet and they continued to manufacture without using Geo brand. Certain Geo models used to compete against Japanese vehicles and only a few models became popular in the market.

Conventional Beauty Of Sporty Geo Storm

2014-08-30 08:48:42

The Geo Storm was a popular sporty car model with marvelous features of its time. The model stands as a perfect example of the advancements in the Sport cars technology in vivid phases of time. The stylish design and superb body interiors have got the base support of mighty Powertrain and performance.

The Geo Storm model was marketed in the US as the sport car model of its time. It was sold from 1990 to 1993 and made a firm place in the market. Its catchy style and fabulous performance of the model has made it first choice of Sport car lover. 

Geo models list:

Geo Metro1990-1997Geo Prizm1990-1997
Geo Storm1990-1993Geo Tracker1990-1997

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Geo engine

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Geo white

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