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The automobile industry is flourishing with the advent various new technologies which are being implemented in the making of cars and other heavy vehicles. The new and improved technology has completely made the process of manufacturing a vehicle, be it of any size or type, very smooth and a very well equipped mixture or combination of manual labor and machine techniques. In today’s time all vehicles are being manufactured on the system of conveyor belts where each process of manufacturing is carried out systematically and efficiently thus boosting production and hence forth sales.

The Ford brand which manufacturers the very luxurious cars was founded in the year nineteen hundred and eleven. The company has its headquarters located in the city of Dearborn, Michigan, United States. Ford is a an American auto mobile company, which was founded by Henry Ford, working under the company Ford Motor Company which also has other business ventures in different areas, which has established itself by designing, conceptualizing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing some of the most sassiest and stylish cars over a range of prices for the auto mobile fans all around the world.

The Ford cars are owned as a status symbol by the rich and famous, and are obviously not a car for the masses. The niche segment which the brand has created is working well for the brand since there are many who would like to collect the Ford car as a collectible and also to proclaim the pride of owning a Ford. Recent models of Ford combine both versions or rather segments of cars which are namely the affordable segment and the supreme luxurious segment of vehicles in almost all segments like the sedans, sports cars, coupes, limozines and also certain style of SUVs. The vast range of cars and being in the big car makers of the world makes the Ford makes it a coveted brand. The Ford Mustang is one of the most known and called for models of the Ford car brand.

Thus the Ford name and legacy is being carried on by delivering luxury in the most expensive way and also the lavish way possible. The customers of the brand are also looking for all what has to offer. Ford’s legacy lies in its impeccable design and style and of course in the luxury and new unique features which they have to offer. So all those who want to see a true classic must definitely have a look at an original Ford.

Latest Ford news

Ford Focus Comes To UK In An All Battery Mode

2013-08-20 04:02:54

If you have heard of the turnaround that the Ford Company is witnessing, you must have heard of the success of the Focus model that is making waves and helping to gather in profits for the company.

Ford Focus Offers The Ideal Company Car Features

2013-08-20 04:10:10

If you want an ideal company car for investing in, either for official or for personal use, the Ford Focus is the premier car to consider in this segment. The leading car guides are gung ho about the Focus model and it is one of the must have cars of 2013.

The 2013 Ford Escape EcoBoost Review

2013-11-22 22:37:02

The Ford Motor Corporation is a world leader in automobile manufacturing. It is an American multinational automaker, which his headquartered in Michigan. The company was founded Henry Ford back in 1903 and now the company is selling automobiles and the commercial vehicles under the brand Ford and the luxury cars under the Lincoln brand. The 2013 model Ford Escape EcoBoost is a real power machine, which has got a good critic review.

2013 Ford Fiesta Car Review

2013-12-15 10:50:10

Simplicity and versatility are combined so intimately in 2013 Ford Fiesta. It is ranked at the top by Auto-car magazine among super-minis. The car is prestigious and affordable too by common man. The 2013 Ford Fiesta has luxurious features, unparalleled appeal and incredible fuel economy at budget. The product is remarkably good without any regret of settling down for mediocrity. 

Ford Fiesta-Stylish and elegant car

2014-01-09 00:25:20

Ford Fiesta is one among the successive cars, which traces its history to 2008. The super car is just in its sixth generation. The car is of 2, 5 door hatchback and 4 door saloon, with 4speed automatic, 5speed manual, 6speed power shift. This car prides it possessing the awards like Used car of the year and Supermini of the year. Also, the car is given an award that the car is under the title, Best small car. 

Ford models list:

Ford C-Max Energi 2013-2013
Ford C-Max Hybrid 2013-2013
Ford E-Series Van 2010-2013
Ford E-Series Wagon 2010-2013
Ford Edge 2007-2013
Ford Escape 2001-2014
Ford Expedition 1997-2013
Ford Explorer 1991-2014
Ford F-150 1990-2015
Ford F-250 Super Duty 1999-2013
Ford F-350 Super Duty 1999-2013
Ford F-450 Super Duty 2008-2013
Ford Fiesta 2011-2014
Ford Flex 2009-2014
Ford Focus 2000-2014
Ford Focus ST 2013-2014
Ford Fusion 2006-2014
Ford Fusion Energi 2013-2014
Ford Fusion Hybrid 2010-2014
Ford Mustang 1990-2015
Ford Shelby GT500 2007-2014
Ford Taurus 1990-2014
Ford Transit Connect 2010-2013
Ford Aerostar1990-1997Ford Aspire1994-1997
Ford Bronco1990-1996Ford Bronco II1990-1990
Ford Contour1995-2000Ford Contour SVT1998-2000
Ford Crown Victoria1992-2011Ford E-1501990-1998
Ford E-2501990-1998Ford E-3501990-1998
Ford Econoline Cargo1999-2009Ford Econoline Wagon1999-2009
Ford Escape Hybrid2006-2011Ford Escort1990-2003
Ford Excursion2000-2005Ford Expedition EL2007-2009
Ford Explorer Sport2001-2003Ford Explorer Sport Trac2001-2010
Ford F-150 Heritage2004-2004Ford F-150 SVT Lightning1993-2000
Ford F-2501990-1999Ford F-3501990-1997
Ford Festiva1990-1993Ford Five Hundred2005-2007
Ford Freestar2004-2007Ford Freestyle2005-2007
Ford GT2005-2006Ford LTD Crown Victoria1990-1991
Ford Mustang SVT Cobra1993-2000Ford Probe1990-1997
Ford Ranger1990-2011Ford Taurus X2008-2009
Ford Tempo1990-1994Ford Thunderbird1990-2005
Ford Windstar1995-2003Ford Windstar Cargo1995-2003

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