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The automobile industry is flourishing with the advent various new technologies which are being implemented in the making of cars and other heavy vehicles. The new and improved technology has completely made the process of manufacturing a vehicle, be it of any size or type, very smooth and a very well equipped mixture or combination of manual labor and machine techniques. In today’s time all vehicles are being manufactured on the system of conveyor belts where each process of manufacturing is carried out systematically and efficiently thus boosting production and hence forth sales.

The Daewoo Group which manufacturers the very luxurious cars was founded in the year nineteen hundred and sixty seven. The company has its headquarters located in the city of Seoul, South Korea. Daewoo is a South Korean auto mobile company, which was founded by Kim Woo Jung, working under the company Daewoo International which also has other business ventures in different areas, which has established itself by designing, conceptualizing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing some of the most sassiest and stylish cars over a range of prices for the auto mobile fans all around the world.

The Daewoo cars are owned as a status symbol by the rich and famous, and are obviously not a car for the masses. The niche segment which the brand has created is working well for the brand since there are many who would like to collect the Daewoo car as a collectible and also to proclaim the pride of owning a Daewoo. Recent models of Daewoo combine both versions or rather segments of cars which are namely the affordable segment and the supreme luxurious segment of vehicles in almost all segments like the sedans, sports cars, coupes, limozines and also certain style of SUVs. The vast range of cars and being in the big car makers of Asia makes the Daewoo makes it a coveted brand. The Daewoo Leganza is one of the most known and called for models of the Daewoo car brand.

Thus the Daewoo name and legacy is being carried on by delivering luxury in the most expensive way and also the lavish way possible. The customers of the brand are also looking for all what has to offer. Daewoo’s legacy lies in its impeccable design and style and of course in the luxury and new unique features which they have to offer. So all those who want to see a true classic must definitely have a look at an original Daewoo.

Latest Daewoo news

Daewoo Motors, the first automobile manufacturers of modern South Korea

2013-11-21 11:40:26

Daewoo Motors was the part of Daewoo Group, South Korea established in 1982 and it sold its majority shares of assets to General Motors in the year 2001 when it experienced financial troubles. It became the subsidiary of the US automobile giant and was christened as GM Daewoo. The company was renamed again as GM Korea, which is also the current name, in the year 2011.

Daewoo Lanos-Alarm system availing car

2014-01-08 23:55:05

Being the sub compact car, Daewoo Lanos traces its history to the days of 1997.  Being a four door sedan, Lanos a small family car is present with 4 cylinders. The car is much familiar for its alarm system which detects the presence of theft with the presence of LCD camera system.

Daewoo Tacuma – A Model That Set New Meaning For Classical Design

2014-02-17 01:21:42

There have been many appealing models of the classic cars that have given a new trend to the Automotive Market. But, the Daewoo Tacuma has been one such model which has given a new meaning to the blending of the Exterior design for a totally new turn in the Global Automotive Market. 

A Lost Name- down the history lane of Daewoo!

2014-03-11 09:29:36

Daewoo was a majorly established South Korean chaebol founded on 22nd March, 1967 under the name of Daewoo Industrial by Kim Woo-Jung and bears the essential of its founder. It was dismantled by the Korean government in 1999 under the wake of the 1997 Asian Financial crisis.

The magnum opus of a Daewoo Lacetti car!

2014-04-05 13:04:07

The body style:  hatchback (5dr), the engine: 1.6-litre, 4-cylindered, the fuel efficiency: petrol, Transmission kind: 5 speed manual used, are you going nuts? If not, you are certainly not going to miss out of this. Daewoo has scored majorly through the kind of USP it has. It is going to go through the way with a mesmerizing ease. The time-tested car body has to be a Daewoo product variety. As long as you long to go on a driving spree you would prefer Daewoo, the name that echos deep into your heart. 

Daewoo models list:

Daewoo Lanos1999-2002Daewoo Leganza1999-2002
Daewoo Nubira1999-2002

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Daewoo engine

Daewoo wheels

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