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AM General and its course through the years

The automobile industry is flourishing with the advent various new technologies which are being implemented in the making of cars and other heavy vehicles. The new and improved technology has completely made the process of manufacturing a vehicle, be it of any size or type, very smooth and a very well equipped mixture or combination of manual labor and machine techniques. In today’s time all vehicles are being manufactured on the system of conveyor belts where each process of manufacturing is carried out systematically and efficiently thus boosting production and hence forth sales.

If we talk about the heavy vehicles industry, then we know that we are talking about trucks, carriers, buses, MUVs and also the vehicles used by the army and infantries for transportation as well as machine equipped vehicles. Among the large number of manufacturers which are currently operating under the umbrella of the heavy vehicle industry, A M general is one name which is trusted, respected and also very well known. This company is an American company which started its operations in the year nineteen seventy one. The company A M General is based out of Indiana from a place called South Bend. This company was founded by the American Motors Corporation and has its current head quarters in South Bend, Indiana.

A M General’s claim to fame has definitely been the massive sized Hummer which is a very popular name among car lovers all over the world. The special category of vehicles which the company A M General specializes in is called the high mobility multi purposed wheeled vehicle and the hummer falls under this category. The company also manufactured a large number of military vehicles under this category which were custom made to also equip with various kinds of army weapons, bullet holders, gun stands and missile launchers in the vehicle itself.

The Hummer from A M General is a brand name in itself and is considered to be the ultimate or supreme in the world of SUVs created all over the world. Many car lovers around the world have given the Hummer the prestige to be their dream car, especially coming from the male fan club of the vehicle. Thus A M General has succeeded both in the civilian as well as the military vehicle segments. In the military segment the high mobility multi purposed wheeled series of military vehicles are the kings and in the civilian segment the hummer.

Latest AM General news

Do I Purchase AM General Productions?

2013-11-09 00:15:46

Am General has earned a reputed name among the authorised automobile companies of the world. It is the top grade manufacturer of automobiles for general as well as military purposes. AM is the only manufacturer that has potential to craft amazing technology into tough frame of iron and steel to produce some of the astonishing vehicle that fits for versatile military purposes. 

AM General: The Company that gave ‘Hummer’ to the world

2013-12-13 09:47:27

AM General is an automobile manufacturing company more famous for its world renowned Military Humvee and the civilian Hummer. The company is of American origin based in South Bend, Indiana. These vehicles are assembled at its Mishawaka, Indiana plant and the company also manufactured transport buses numbering over 5,400 during 1974-79.

Hummer H3 – The Power Pack from AM General

2014-02-12 08:14:11

AM General is a famous American brand, which is into heavy vehicle manufacturing. The company is based in Indiana and apart from the American market, they have got representation in many other parts too. The company is popularly known for their most famous brand of Hummer, which is the civilian version of the military Humvee, which is getting assembled in Mishawaka, Indiana. We will review the Hummer H3 in this article.

AM General: Hold onto your heart…

2014-04-02 11:07:18

You don’t have to be an actor or a superstar to judge the performance of this classy automotive! The Hummer would take you on your dream voyage, without feeling the slightest bit cautious of the very fact that you are in your car. It’s one of the most interesting vehicles available, it’s meant for the folks you wouldn’t care to keep their minds off the hook while they are on their way to reach their destination. Have you got a foresighted view about every aspect of your journey? 

AM General’s JLTV BRVO – Replacement for Humvees

2014-04-19 11:50:40

In this article we are wrapping off AM General’s JLTV BRV-O. BRV-O stands for Blast Resistant Vehicle Off road which is a useful vehicle for defense purpose. Loaded with advanced components it has a high class architecture which gives a rough and stylish look to the model. Tested with a crew capsule to prevent it from blasts and armored with modular components it is a perfect choice for defense use. 

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