2014-09-29 12:57:55
2014 Dodge Charger Version – Is It Worth Buying

The Dodge Charger has been released in the form of petrol version. However, the 2014 Dodge Charger new sibling has been optimized for max performance on the hostile land. In broader spectrum, the Charger takes into consideration not only the comfort, but also major factors like fuel economy and stable velocity. 

2014-09-29 12:56:52
The review on Bugatti Veyron 16

It is 252-mph best speed makes it turn into the fastest assembling auto on the planet. Alongside 1, 001 drive water expulsion from its W16 Serps, it is additionally the world's best assembling auto. Sufficient purpose behind a sum draws of more or less dollar 1. 5 mil, it is the world's priciest totally new auto. For that Bugatti Veyron 16 Some, everything is truly a superlative.

2014-09-28 05:53:06
The reviews on the Chevrolet Astro

While current minivans present quantities of straightforwardness and execution on par utilizing vehicles, this Chevrolet Astro appeared to be another minivan from your one of a kind time. Conceived inside the mid-1980s when full-size Chevy vehicles wound up regardless in vogue, this Astro designed this looks of the bigger companions. Moreover, it talked about his or her hard body-on-edge development and back wheel-drive design. Contrasted with front-wheel-drive, auto based minivans, this Chevy Astro appeared to be a correct workhorse utilizing respectable towing and trucking capacities. 

2014-09-28 05:52:35
The Review on Cadillac ATS

As an of late accessible supplement for the Cadillac cluster, the specific ATS presents to-date styling, the overall prepared inner and the getting working think provide for it time to vie solidly having its rivals. Scaled-down and in addition less excessive contrasted with Cadillac's CTS, the specific ATS yearns right at the heart connected with German-built titans, for example, Audi A4 and additionally BMW 3 Sequence in which it connected with amusement cars. 

2014-09-28 05:52:02
Get The Rich Look With Bugatti 16C Galibier

Design and theme of the Bugatti 16C Galibier is much like a car for the VIPs running within their estates. However, its price point and advanced technology astonish people and magically brings it within the range of the businessmen. Loaded with mighty Drive-train, the 16C Galibier comes with special exterior and highly optimized interior design.

2014-09-28 05:51:22
BMW 3 Series – A Young Entry To The Market

The new BMW 3 Series is a young lad in the market of the world-class sedans. The 3 Series has been crafted for the style and luxury along with a sporty touch in the vivid trim variants. Broadcasting a new blend of BMW, its 2014 modification has been in the production in and will be marketed till the end of the year for next 2015 fiscal. 

2014-09-28 05:50:36
2013 Jaguar XF 2.0T, engine is downsized but luxury enhanced

At last jaguar is getting the attention which it deserves and under Tata it is getting it and more. With Ford its value was not more than a living room furniture but Tata on other hand has plans to pump in a whopping $2 billion in the development of Jaguar vehicles and the XF series is the prominent beneficiary of this.

2014-09-21 23:39:09
Elegant Volvo C70 Convertible Update Reviews

The Volvo C70 emerged as a simple convertible that grabbed the attention of millions of hearts. Today, it has been redefined in a new shape and style with an elegant outlook and superb pack of features. Loaded with max performance drive train, Volvo C70 can’t be considered as a comfortless version of predecessors. 

2014-09-21 23:38:20
Toyota Iq – A New Look To The Future

The Toyota iQ is a small city car that is based on FF layout. The model is loaded with petrol engine. However, hybrid integration is available on the demand of the buyer. Special design of Toyota iQ indicates that Toyota is on the move to pave way for the futuristic cars in the market.

The future has arrived here in the form of cars. The Toyota has taken a step of manufacturing the amazing design and drive train profile that resemble the touch of the futuristic cars in the fiction. Still, the model is based on the petrol engine which brings familiarity to the model, thus, encouraging the customers’ interest to be switched to such models.

2014-09-21 23:37:28
All Electric Tesla Model X Thrills To Come

Tesla Model X is a 4 Door CUV which has been scheduled to be in the production line from 2015. Keeping the brand image of the Tesla intact, the model is totally based on the electric drive train, thus, it will serve as a new ZEV for the world, that too, in the form of sedan.

Tesla has always been eager to the production of the electric cars. This time, it is thrilled to soul to release the first ever all electric Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV) in the market. The Tesla Model X has been declared to be in the production in 2015 and will be released thereafter. However, its specifications and design profile has been officially announced. Let’s have look on the features of this brand new Tesla Model X. 

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