2014-11-02 23:07:29
Ford Explorer – Blend Of Prestige And Honor With Technology

Inspired by the uni-body models, the Ford Explorer is crafted with aerodynamic factors to minimize the drag coefficient for the smother drive. The power of its advanced engine is best used for the stable drive over the tough roads. But, the Ford Explorer is really worth buying for day to day use?

2014-11-02 23:04:54
2014 Dodge Viper With No Versatile Feature

This is true that the new 2014 Dodge Viper has been loaded with some of the most interesting features of the modern time. But, its limited use has snatched the versatility from its beautifully outlook. The single power source option and gearbox also restrict the choices of the car buyers. 

2014-11-02 23:02:59
1999 Chevrolet Corvette Hardtop the loveable cheaper and lighter option

If you are looking to own a corvette version that is light and cheap then Chevy has it now. It is a model with a hardtop fixed on the roof and it is available in just one way that is equipped with a six-speed transmission manual and a harder K51 suspension. 

2014-11-02 12:04:48
Cadillac ATS Coupe 3.6 does Everything That A Luxury Coupe Needs To Do

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever” quoted John Keats the poet, and this phrase would have been more appropriate for the new 2015 Cadillac ATS coupe if he it had not been said in 1818. This thing of beauty goes fast, stops with alacrity, excels in switchbacks and forms a strong relation with the owner.

2014-11-02 12:04:06
2016 Buick Verano ready to make the foray into the luxury segment

The 2016 Buick Verano has been seeded by the demand of young buyers and the car mingles poise and tranquility along with contemporary features and technology. These include Wi-Fi and 4G LTE and this Verano comes with two engine variants namely a 2.0 L turbo four 250hp and a standard 2.4 L 4-cylinder 180hp.

2014-11-02 12:03:13
BMW X5 – First SUV By BMW

Being the first SUV by BMW< the X5 has its own prestige and honor. Its features have the signature accent that of the BMW as well as the touch of the modern style accumulations. Loaded with technical advancement, the 5 has never compromised the road abilities and the comfort level for its passengers. 

2014-11-02 12:02:34
Bentley Continental GT – A Turning Point For Its Brand Image

Unlike any other model, the Bentley Continental GT has a unique importance in its history. It has been a major turning point for the Bentley as it turned it into a global brand. Even today, its recent models of this Grand Tourer and Coupe are pretty impressive as they were earlier. 

2014-11-02 12:01:49
Does Audi B8 Really Have Dazzling Feature?

Presented in the 4 Generations, the A4 line up by the Audi has been a striking series of the luxury sedans in the market. The Audi B8 has been an awesome model with sleek features that molded the advanced technology for the better comfort and style. This is what made Audi B8 a unique sedan in the series.

2014-10-29 13:07:03
2015 Volkswagen Eos Final Edition Performs A Neat Trick As It Departs

The Volkswagen Eos had gone through several facelifts, but never succeeded in getting a second generation peek, now the news is that it has received the marching order. After eight year reign the VW Eos will be dismissed in 2015. The Eos final edition is the substitute for the Sport model with three trim levels nestling between the Executive and Komfort.

2014-10-29 13:06:13
2015 Toyota Sienna, packs everything that a shopper would want in a minivan

With a refreshed interior the 2015 Toyota sienna makes its entry as a versatile family minivan and offers a plethora of refinements and user friendly features. This is also one of its kinds to provide the all-wheel-drive choice in minivans and the rest is based on the rock steady Toyota strengths of quality reliability and durability.

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