2014-11-25 13:03:53

After four years down the line since Porsche made their debut in the class of premium sports sedan by introducing hefty looking Panamera, the much sought after model that defies the traditional sports car ethos of Porsche, continues to rule the roads with all the might! The exhilarating power pumped by the standard V6 engine, responsive handling, obedient braking system, captivating interior & masculine looks make it one of the best elite class sport sedan available in the market!

2014-11-25 13:02:59

McLaren’s 650S is essentially an upgraded version of its previous flagship supercar- 12C! The 650S is built on the chassis & the Powertrain, which are nearly identical to the 12C, although it boasts more power & torque than the 12C & assures more refined ride & predictable handling. Even if, the 650S shares its fundamentals with the 12C, its frontal design is hugely inspired by McLaren’s hybrid supercar-P1. The 650S steps in as the logical progression of 12C & it shows comprehensive improvement in exactly the same fields where the 12C was lacking! 

2014-11-25 13:01:43
Maserati Quattroporte: Sedan Sports Luxury

Maserati recently released it’s yet another excellent model called ‘Maserati Quattroporte’. We all knew with this recent model, Maserati will be bringing small-engine, which will reduce fuel consumption. The game turner Maserati says, the sedan models won’t get any bigger now! While it’s other competitor lie Audi, Porsche are racing to introduce longer vehicles. 

2014-11-24 11:34:22

Land Rover’s new crossover SUV that will make its debut in 2015 is expected to be the most versatile cars ever built by the Land Rover. It will reportedly replace the Land Rover Freelander to start-off a new realm of models that will belong to the ‘Discovery’ clan! The Discovery Sport borrows its design cues from the Range Rover Evoque & its stern body shows that the Discovery is built for the wilderness & challenging abilities. Coming under the price tag worth $38,920, the car is expected to rival premium SUVs like Audi Q5, BMW X3, Hyundai Santa Fe & Volvo XC60!

2014-11-24 11:30:00
Lamborghini Huracan: The proud heir of epic ‘Gallardo’

The Lamborghini Huracan is being considered as a successor & replacement of Lamborghini’s classic & the proud flagship model- ‘Gallardo’. Huracan however, had to face some sort of blunt critic when it showed up for the first time as few of the experts were not happy with its sober & simple looks!


2014-11-24 11:29:13
Jaguar XJ : An ultimate car you are looking for!

Here’s the ultimate car you are looking for! Ladies and gentlemen, please grab your seats for ‘Jaguar XJ Ultimate’. Jaguar XJ the name itself represents a full-size car. The Jaguar is a British automobile company. It’s very first model was built in the year 1968. This current model so called ‘Jaguar XJ’ was launched in year the 2009.  The British automobile manufacturer launched this car on a grand platform. 

2014-11-24 11:28:30

Ferrari’s all new F12berlinetta is a grand touring coupe that demonstrates how performance can seamlessly get blended with the sheer beauty. Its stunning exterior is no less than the brilliant artwork & the shattering power that it generates using its front-mounted 6.3 liter V-12 engine makes it one of the most formidable cars in the line-up. Although its 730 bhp power is capable enough to make it clock 0-200 km/h in a mere 8.5 seconds, the car looks amiably civic on urban conditions.

2014-11-24 11:27:16
Cadillac Escalade: A flashy Super SUV

Cadillac has served customer with the quality of products. This time, Cadillac is back with glamorous and flashy super SUV named ‘Cadillac Escalade’. The Cadillac Escalade on its release has wooed the audience with its glam and luxurious looks. The four wheeler fuel economy powered by V-8 engine, 420-horsepower automobile is loaded with tons of stunning features. A smooth and buttery ride on Cadillac Escalade is dream of drive enthusiast. 

2014-11-21 03:36:05
2014 Toyota Avalon- A well refined ride

The Toyota Avalon is undoubtedly Toyota’s flagship model in the category of large sedans.  The all new Avalon is launched with few minor but vital changes that now looks much sportier & performs way better than all of its previous models. The Avalon perfectly demonstrates the Toyota’s excellence in automobile technology.

2014-11-21 03:31:12
Audi R8: The ultimate beauty

A car that has a valid license to drive you crazy! The luscious and marvellous Audi R8 hold ultimate beauty. The stylish edges and fresh looks simply give pleasure. Driving Audi R8 is a treat itself. Both Roadster and coupe model are available under Audi R8 model. The Audi R8, shares several components and features same as Lamborghini Gallardo. Once you get your hands on Audi R8, its pure lust to drive. 

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