2015-01-11 23:56:03
2015 Kia Forte Koup is inclined to take the market surprisingly

If you are seeking for a handsomely designed and ultra-plushy, the 2015 Kia Forte offers an amazingly memorable styling. Importing many aspects from the 5-Door Kia, the new Koup bolters its head-turning looks with a 201 hp turbocharged four-cylindered mill and packs load of standard equipment. This car will appeal those buyers who seek value, efficiency and auto-pragmatism, the compact auto boasts supercharged performance, aesthetic appeals and plethora ultramodern technology features.  

2015-01-11 23:55:11
2015 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty offers heavy-duty towing and yawning space

Engineered to withstand the exigencies of commercial undertakings, the 2015 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty 2500HD pickup is perfectly-tuned for towing, hauling and tough tasks. It also includes an upscale Denali model that is highly plushy, cushy and suitable for routine driving activities. With a cavernous cargo compartment, a sure-footed steering wheel and supercharged heavy-duty motor, the 2500HD will meet strict demands from pickup purist buyers. The GMC comes with different trim levels, plethora standard equipment and loads of handy high-tech components. 

2015-01-11 11:50:32
2015 Ford Expedition EL

Being the largest model in the new SUV lineup portfolio by the auto-maker, the 2015 Ford Expedition is a car designing meant to overlap agility and potent hauling plus off-load capacities essential for a modern crossover. Buyers can also explore the short version of the Expedition EL, standing out from its premium platform mate with a shorter back overhang, lessened wheelbase and shrinking cargo area. Cohering to the downsizing trend that is in vogue in the auto industry, Ford has upgraded the new SUV by outfitting a supercharged 3.5 turbocharged six-cylinder mill.

2015-01-11 11:49:13
2015 Ford Taurus-SHO will spark performance and price wars

The 2015 Ford Taurus-SHO is the most-fast, perfect handling and boasts loads of modern technology components in the Ford Taurus coupe family. Additionally, performance-keen buyers will be impressed by a potent mill generating 365-horsepower that mates to a confident all-wheel-drive system. The Taurus SHO coheres aesthetically and technically to the Dodge Charger lineup models. At its onset in the market, the new Ford Taurus is poised to gain foothold in its brand segment due to an overly trimmed interior, exquisite exterior lining and sportier feel in handling.    

2015-01-11 11:48:17
2015 Fiat 500 Abarth completely embodies sporty-tuned features

The launch of the new 2015 Fiat 500 Abarth is a combination of fundamental aspects in the sport hatch niche, offering plushy designs, more power and exact handling capacity. It also brings tuned suspension, advanced braking-system, a brutish look and supercharged motor with over 60% ponies compared to the standard 500. Along with a digital dashboard that allows Bluetooth and streaming, it also includes a new-fangled 6-speed automated transmission, an instrumental cluster-fitted 7.0” HD TFT which shows speed, trip data, Eco Index and fuel level. 

2015-01-11 11:47:32
2015 Chevrolet Tahoe Embodies modern high-tech toy features

The 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe is a classical edifice SUV targeting buyers who are seeking yawning cabin space and dire hauling capability. It offers maneuverability that outpaces standard crossovers in the market, offering a finely-refined cabin and loads of tech features. The new Tahoe is a full-length suburban model that has undergone substantial redesigning from the antecedent versions. Compendiously, the new Chevrolet is a perfect pick-up inspired utility auto that traverses challenging trails, hauls heavy cargo and commutes adult occupants safely and quickly.  

2015-01-11 11:46:47
2015 BMW X1 depicts a high-tech toy and elegance crossover

BMW’s X1 is the manufacturer’s ultra-luxury crossover flagship that is designed to mate diminutive dimensions to affordable price tags and high-performance attributable to the renowned automaker. It straddles the architecture of the antecedent 3 Series generation to give punchier and overly proficient turbocharged motors. From every angular standpoint, the X1 bolsters the peculiar stance of the BMW crossovers. Underpinned on ingenious auto-engineering techniques, it will lock horns with the Audi’s within its market segment and is poised to gain foothold fast.  

2015-01-11 11:45:57
2015 Bentley Continental GTV8-S Convertible is perfectly engineered

The 2015 Bentley Continental GTV8-S Convertible styling and ride will irresistibly turn heads or snap necks in your neighborhood. Sharing the platform with its fixed-roof version, the GT V8 S is a continuum of the high-performance grand-cruising heritage innate in antecedent models. With a topless roof, this auto offers plethora technological telemetry to connect you with the outside world, smooth handling and evokes excellence in aesthetics. Once launched in the market, due to its supercharged motor and race-car qualities will lure a new generation of buyers.  

2015-01-10 11:58:52
2015 BMW M6 straddles between high-performance and aesthetical appeal

The 2015 BMW M-6 by the German manufacturer embodies high-performance for the full-size 6-Series autos variant portfolio. It subtly blends enormous power with a feathered interior, loads of technology features as well as a smooth, plushy sheet-metal. The M6 is underpinned on the quintessential 6-Series features with an overly aggressive outlook and optional 19” or 20” alloy wheels. To depart from the designing of the antecedent models, it comes with broad air sucks and unique LED-embroidered corona rings and accentuations; this gives a brutish appearance that is cohesive and stylish in contrast to the penultimate outgoing version.     

2015-01-10 11:57:48
2015 Audi TTS Roadster blends high-class styling and performance

Technically, the new 2015 Audi TTS Roadster is underpinned on the TT drop-top, heightening output to 265 ponies while featuring an adaptive suspension and also includes an extremely aggressive sheet-metal. The result of the engineering and design mechanizations is a fast ragtop and near-sport supercar boasting a finely-appointed interior and plethora flair. While the auto industry seems emboldened in engine and handling wars, the crux of the TTS Roadster is its exquisitely-elegant styling. Importing from advanced, contemporary German Bauhaus art motion ethos as its starting point, the new Audi is timeless convertible.    

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