2015-06-09 09:38:04
2016 Ferrari 488 GTB: More Powerful and Speedy

The latest 2016 Model of the Ferrari 488 GTB has been made more powerful and fast so that the customers’ expectations can be fulfilled. The customers were waiting for a long time. The power including the Torque of the vehicle has been improved to much extent. Some slight changes have also been made in the dimension of the vehicle. 

2015-06-09 09:37:24
2015 Nissan Juke SLAWD: A Vehicle With Revised Engine

A subcompact vehicle, 2015 Nissan Juke SLAWD has been equipped with high wheel arches; as well as the beltline of the vehicle has been fixed high. You will also find vague rear doors and swollen tailgate. The lances of rear and front lamps have also been twisted. 

2015-06-09 09:34:08
Eagle’s innovative E-Type car offers super riding

Eagle is the brand name of Chrysler Corporation after the acquiring the AMC (American Motors Corporation). It aimed primarily at the enthusiast drivers who enjoy driving enormously. Eagle E-Type is exactly not the computer aided design. The technical director Mr. Paul Brace had a good idea of the E-type speed star body. He was bold to improve upon the E-type Jaguar. It is the car that earned a lot of praise in the collection of design in the Modern Art of New York Museum. The car is described as one of the purest automotive smut that stimulates the desire for buying.  

2015-06-09 09:32:59
Dodge car for complete satisfaction

One of the renowned American branded automobiles is Dodge. Based in Auburn Hills and Michigan, their vehicles include the low priced to mid-priced vehicles designed and manufactured by FCA US LLC. Founded by the Dodge brother in 1900, the company originally supplied parts and the assemblies to the automakers. They started to grow as independent automakers in the year of 1915. 

2015-06-09 09:31:44
Chevrolet: the name that shines in automobiles inductries

It is a great interesting history that precedes Chevrolet. Durant, who was the founder of General Motor Vehicles, formed Chevrolet in the year 1911 after he was forced to leave GMV previous year. Being driven out from the company, Durant tied up with a renowned race-car enthusiast, Louis Chevrolet and set up Chevrolet Motor Company continuing his foremost role as before.

2015-06-09 09:30:48
Daewoo: the Classic selection for Your Motor Vehicle

Daewoo is a South Korean company. Though this company has flourished in different fields, but it is mainly renowned as an automobile brand. This company is the part of Daewoo Group, and it was founded in 1982. At first, this company faces a financial crisis, but gradually it overcame the crisis period and became a part of an American company. Then it was renamed as GM Daewoo and in 2011 this company changed to GM Korea. 

2015-06-06 12:04:45
Cadillac: The all time branded car for the cozy people

Cadillac, officially the Cadillac Motor Car Division, belongs to US-based General Motors that is well-known for the worldwide marketing of luxury vehicles. It primarily controls the markets in US, China and Canada. But the Cadillac branded cars also predominate in the other markets throughout the world. Traditionally, this brand of automobiles, for all time, has occupied the peak position in the field of manufacturing luxurious cars within the US. In the year of 2012 the Company sold about 149,782 cars.

2015-06-06 12:03:50
A few Reasons to buy BMW cars

BMW has already set their standard of technology to the Authority Vehicles. It is more than 50 years that the company has been successfully treading the path of success. One latest example will prove the competence of the company. The launch of BMW Connected Drive has modernized the online services with possible integration. For example, it is not difficult now to locate addresses with the help of Google map on the internet.  You can use navigation system destination directly to transfer these directly. It makes huge differences in mode of services that has decided the success and failure of the company to a great extent.  

2015-06-06 12:03:01
Why Buick cars should be your preference

Buick, officially the Buick Motor Division, belonged originally to the division of automobile of US General Motors. Because of its great popularity in the market of North America, the brand has been sold as the classy brand of luxurious automobile. Buick keeps on its greatest features of the traditional automobile. The setting up of the General Motors in the year of 1908 was backed by the Buick Motor Company. 

2015-06-06 12:01:17
Bugatti ------ the classy choice that you cannot abstain from

Bugatti - the French automobile was founded in 1909 in Molsheim, France. Ettore Bugatti was the founder of this industry. Now it is a brand name in of speedy and exclusive cars world. At the beginning of this industry, Bugatti faced a financial crisis, but now it has overcome that awful situation after a long struggle. Now, Bugatti is controlled by the Volkswagen Group and acknowledged as one of the top rated car producers. 

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