2015-06-18 11:28:16
Land Rover Range Rover Latest model Sport SVR: A Fast & Quick Vehicle

Land Rover Range Rover latest 2015 model Sports SVR is a fast and quick car. It also has some of the characteristics of standard Range Rover Sports car. It has been powered by a supercharged intercooler engine producing an impressive power output. The vehicle is very praiseworthy, but its cabin is similar to the stand Range Rover Sport, which makes a bit unhappy for some people.

2015-06-18 11:27:24
2016 KIA Sorento: A family vehicle with good value for your money

The new vehicle, 2016 KIA Sorento, is considered to be a vehicle equipping with some of the special features of a family car. The vehicle has developed with the intention that it could offer nice driving dynamics. It is spacious as well as dashing. The best thing is good value for your money.

2015-06-18 11:26:46
2015 Chrysler Model 300 V-6 AWD, big price tag but the car shows presence

The latest Model Chrysler 300 Limited, as base cars go, does not let you feel that you have agreed on cheap seats, as the inexpensive 300 spreads its charm on the curb.  If you are out enjoying in town, the chances are that the 300 will get parked in the front, as the flagship sedan of Chrysler radiates Bentley-like bad-boy look, which it came with in the beginning.

2015-06-18 11:25:59
2014 Land Rover LR4: A 7 Seater Vehicle with Off-Road Capability

The 2014 model of the Land Rover LR4 is a seven seater vehicle which is efficient enough to run in the off-road condition. The interior has been made simple, but it has been crafted well, so it looks elegant. The vehicle has been equipped with unique styling. However, the vehicle lacks all those characteristics that thrill most of the people. 

2015-06-17 12:35:00
2017 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen Alltrack, getting ready to launch in the USA

Volkswagen always enters the party late. The German maker is releasing the Alltrack model of Sportwagen in the U.S. next year that we had just tested. It is an elevated Golf SportWagen equipped with off-road styling, and all-wheel-drive. This is making an appearance after the segment pioneers Volvo XC70, and Subaru Outback were introduced to the scene two decades ago. 

2015-06-17 12:34:20
2013 Ford Taurus SEL AWD, the refreshed sedan is not exactly stimulating

The Taurus refreshed for 2013, is similar to the top of the heap Ford family sedans coming from past years, like Galaxie 500, the LTD, huge, quiet and comfortable with respectable amount of power and relaxed driving dynamics. The interiors are with plush materials bordering on luxury, but Ford is not ready to name it as a luxury car though the price of Taurus has soared up to $40, 000.

2015-06-17 12:33:38
Volkswagen Beetle Dune Concept, The hybrid-concept off-roader getting ready for the market

We were presented with an opportunity to drive the Beetle Dune concept of Volkswagen that grabbed the attention of the crowd at the 2014 Detroit Show. Well, why to test a car which is ancient according to automotive terms? Well, the Dune schedule to come in 2016 is fitted with a Hybrid Powerplant, which was not even chosen to enter Beetle.

2015-06-17 12:32:52
CR Supercars 1968 Ford Mustang Villain: a much improved vintage Mustang

Old cars are discarded because they are old, but their brand value never diminishes. Old bodies gather rust, the suspension loosens and ultimately the engine devours itself. The classic recreations of Yukon Oklahoma, the Ford Mustang specialists, offer a cure for this if you want your 1968 fastback restored with a fresh leash or life littered with rejuvenated modern vitality.  

2015-06-16 11:34:26
2016 Mitsubishi Outlander, it is quiet out there

Mitsubishi once inspired awesomeness as an automobile provider such as the 3000GT VR-4,  Starion ESI, and Evo, which is recently dropped, is no more  of the former self and is limited to producing a couple of crossovers, the outdated Lancer compact, the Mirage econobox and the i-MiEV. The revival of Mitsubishi fortunes comes with the release of the 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander.

2015-06-16 11:33:36
2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider: A Dashing Car With New Audio System

This new model of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider has been incorporated with a turbocharged 16 valve engine which is efficient enough to offer you the existing experience of driving. The fuel economy is also good both on the highway as well as in the city. This two passenger vehicle looks dashing from out while inside you may feel it a bit noisy. 

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