Bentley Flying Spur-Matter of Elegance

2013-12-14 00:01:15

Bentley motors traces its history which goes back to 1919, yet been acquired by giant companies with successful history, the car is a classic indicator for the style aspect of being a full size luxury car possessing 4 door saloon and a longitudinal front engine. Featuring various stylish elements, Bentley is a luxurious sedan presenting you the utmost comfort level in a guaranteed manner. 

A car is not just a car, it’s a matter of elegance, style factor, and comfort element, more than anything it’s all yours, isn’t it? Don’t you feel it to be comprised of all these factors together mixed with high performance? Certainly, all these factors determine the car. A car is more than it is being defined. You must check with various factors while considering the purchase or anything related to car. The car can’t be judged on its look alone, more than look, a lot matters. Isn’t true? A car needs to give you a perfect drive wherever you go, without intruding the distance as a factor. One such car that bestows you with the complete comfort and a stylish look is none other than Bentley.

Bentley is best known for it’s remarkably a luxurious sedan that dominates any of the luxurious cars been present in the market. This one positive aspect itself turns as an attributing and a qualitative reason to go for it, when considered by a car lover. Generally, every individual likes this car for various reasons that add up to its pros. The car gives a challenging drive to all its competitors present in the market, because it’s designed in a manner to offer a unique drive with a stunning and a high performance oriented luxurious car.

Impressive choice:

Beauty is indefinitely designed to adorn the car to make it stand unique and impressive. This can never turn as a dejecting option at all, as the craftsmanship is purely well performed to make it a brand new stylish, luxurious car. Highlighting features are numerous which can make you feel more delightful. Also, these features can even tempt you to possess it for your signalling of status symbol too.

When you consider the lighting features, you may have more options to thank upon. Starting from the twin headlamps to the rear rectangular lamps which come with LED lighting, you may feel stunned with perfect knowledge of the designers. Usage of A-grade leather can equally make the car look elegant and luxurious. Also, the other features keep on adding as Bentley’s pros. They include the stylish air vents, well polished mirrors, wooden architectural featuring leather, remote handling system for smart phones, glass proof, touch screen system for controlling of audio, navigation, telephone ‘usage etc and also the Wi-Fi facility is an ‘added hot advantageous’ option.

Attractive Interior designs:

More than these, you also have a sound system which surrounds you, just like the speakers at home. Then the car also possesses 2DVD player with USB ports helpfully enabling the users to play with music. What more you require from this classy car? Also, Bentley offers a special Mulliner Specification Pack for drivers that help the driver in customizing the trim. When you consider of the mileage, Bentley’s Flying Spur offers a maximum of 194mph. You may feel convenient and a stylish drive which offers more mileage with the option of protective system and well designed interior Bentley can never keep you down at all. 

Bentley models:

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Bentley Azure
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Bentley Continental GTC
Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed
Bentley Azure T
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Bentley Continental Flying Spur
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