Alfa Romeo, manufacturer of luxury Italian sports cars

2013-12-13 09:46:18

Alfa Romeo is known for its luxury sports model cars. Alfa Romeo Automobiles S.p.A., the Italian car manufacturer founded in 1910 is now owned by Fiat Group, the Italian automobile giants since February 2007. The company has been associated with racing since 1911 and as on 2012 it has produced 101,000 units of automobiles from its assembly line.

The company was founded by Alexandre Darracq along with some Italian entrepreneurs and was named as A.L.F.A. it produced its first car in 1910 24HP and immediately got into the racing. The company them came under the control of Nicola Romeo, the Neapolitan businessman and were converted to make military hardware for the war. The name was changed to Alfa Romeo and the first car to be badged so was the Torpedo 20-30 HP. After the departure of Nicola Romeo the company returned to producing passenger cars than the luxury models. The first Alfa Romeo twin cam engine was developed in 1954 which was retained in production till 1998. After producing several sports model cars in the 60s and 70s the company found it difficult to make a profit and was ultimately sold to Fiat Group in the year 1986.

Alfa Romeo tasted success in different motor sports including Formula One, Grand Prix, touring car racing, rallies and sportscar racing. It entered into these races both as a builder and as an engine supplier. In the 60s Alfa Romeo produced a number of cars for the Italian government and the police department which included the Giulia Super and the 3600 Sprint. It has been the chosen vehicle of the police department since then and the Prime Minister of Italy had used the Alfa Romeo limousines for official visits. In the 2000s the company suffered losses in sales and failed to achieve intended production. Its production target for 2014 is 500, 000 units that include the Northern American demand of 85,000 units.

Alfa Romeo made its US entry in the middle 1950 courtesy Max Hoffman who was importing the brand to the country and by 1961 Alfa Romeo started exporting its models themselves. In 1995 sales of Alfa Romeo in the US ceased only to return in 2008. The reentry to the US market was unveiled with the introduction of Alfa Romeo 4C and the first of the mass production by the company after re-entry. However the move was stalled and is not slotted to be somewhere in 2014.                

The current models of Alfa Romeo include Alfa Romeo MiTo a 3-door super-mini sports car which was shown in the British Motor Show in 2008, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta a 5-door family car, shown in the Geneva Motor Show in 2010 and Alfa Romeo 4C a light weight rear wheel 2-seater Coupe sporty. Alfa Romeo was into manufacturing aircraft engines, light commercial vehicles that included busses and trolleybuses and trucks. Alfa Romeo has made colorful entries into the movie world and has starred in many of the James Bond movies including Octopussy and Quantum of Solace.

Alfa Romeo models:

Alfa Romeo 4C