Pontiac G5 Coupe – Comfort and Class Alike

2013-12-10 01:49:13

Pontiac is a renowned automobile manufacturer got established in the year 1926 as a companion for the General Motors' (GM) Oakland. However, soon after the launch it started overtaking its parent company’s fame and popularity, and it supplanted Oakland brand almost entire by the year 1933. By this time, Pontiac also had become a companion of Chevrolet. Here we will review Pontiac G5 GT Coupe, which is a highly popular road machine.

In the USA, Canada, and Mexico Pontiac models were sold by General Motors itself and Pontiac was projected as the performance division of General Motors for long years, focusing on the mainstream performance road machines. Pontiac is really popular in Canada, and it was marked as low-priced vehicles. In 2009, GM announced that it will be discontinuing the Pontiac production by the end of 2010 and then focus on the other core brands like Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, and GMC. The last vehicle with Pontiac brand was made in early 2010 and the entire dealer franchises got experienced by October 2010.

The 2008 Pontiac G5 Coupe

The Pontiac G5 was tagged as an economy couple which was also noted as a classic example of the "badge engineering" concept. General Motors was at that time started with a Chevy Cobalt coupe and then had made some minute changes to it by redesigning the grille, head and tail lamps, interiors and trim, and then re-tagged the vehicle as a classic Pontiac model. The Pontiac G5 was having a stylish grille with twin-port and had the Chevy's generic bow-tied nose structure. It had got good ratings in the ride quality and performance aspects.

The Pontiac G5 coupe was actually produced from year 2007 to 2009 and it was there in two trim levels as the Base and GT. The base model also came with a significant amount of facilities including air conditioning, powered accessories, MP3 player, as well as keyless entry. The upgraded model of G5 GT had added Bluetooth facility, alloy wheels of 17-inch, a sporty suspension, and personalized cruise control. The add-on options included Pioneer audio system, fine leather upholstery, and iPod connectivity with satellite radio.

G5 was front-wheel-drive and came with two engine options as 2.2L four-cylinder and 2.4L four-cylinder engines. The 2.4 model was featuring 173 horsepower and about 163 pound-feet torque. It stayed as the standard on GT models up until 2008 and got discontinued after that year. The 2.2L features a 148 HP and having 152 lb-ft which was released in 2009. This model further received many internal add-ons and ultimately resulted in more power and higher fuel economy. It featured a standard transmission 5-speed manual as well as 4-speed automatic models as options.

The attractive gauges and featured stereo offer Pontiac G5 a contemporary feel and the find metallic accents over the steering wheel, gear knob, and the doors give a bright hue to the otherwise darkened cabin. Both the models also feature an in-built trip computer also which displays some useful info as the outside temperature, fuel range and well as the engine heating etc. 

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