Enjoy the luxurious ride of Mercury

2013-11-30 23:00:38

The Mercury is a marquee of automobiles, launched in 1938 by Ford Company. The founders were Edsel Ford, who marketed entry level luxurious cars. They are slotted between regular models of ford branded and Lincoln branded. This automobile was very similar to General Motors Buick, which belonged to the Chrysler division of Chrysler Motors. The term “Mercury” is derived from the messenger of Gods in Rome. 

The name can be read in Roman mythology. During the initial years, this brand was reputed to give good performance, which was revived in 2003 with that of Mercury Marauder. It was sold in the United States, Mexico, U.S Virgin islands apart from the Middle East. The famous slogan of this car is that “The shape you want to be in”, during the years of 1985-88.

This brand was out of the market in 2011. The Ford Company focused again on the engineering and marketing efforts on both the Lincoln and ford brands. The work of production also ceased in the fourth quarter of 2010.

Finally the mercury automobile, which was a grand Marquis, rolled off the line of assembly on 4th January 2011. The first logo of this car was namesake, which is the roman god mercury. He has bowled hat in the form of a signature and attached wings, which were used during the initial years. Later in 1950’s this logo transformed into “M” having horizontal bars, which are extending outwards from the bottom to every direction.

During late 1960’s and mid 80’s, the car used the sign of the cat, campaign, which was based on the popular model of cougar. Most of the cars during the same time period adopted the names like Bobcat and Lynx. However in the mid 80’s the logo again changed and can be seen with the name of the company. It was introduced in the year 1984 Topaz of mercury.

The list of mercury vehicles is very long. Trucks, Station Wagon, Mercury Bobcat and Minivan are some of its past models for Personal Luxury and comfort. The concept cars also have a long list consisting of XM, Paloma, one, Meta one, Anster, Vanster and many more. Mercury Mariner and mountaineer are some of the sports utility vehicles.

The Mariner is a crossover SUV, which was launched in 2005. It is the first car, based on the SUV. The mariner is offered in U.S, Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E. Vast number of dealerships are not selling any new vehicles of this brand . The dealerships occur in Michigan and West Virginia continued to sell new vehicles of this brand till 30th June 2011. There are lots of custom accessories, which are available for the mercury vehicle. In order to get more information, you can register at this website and you can get everything. It may have videos, history of service and credit bill of Ford. The company will consider all sorts of warranties, service plans and other plans of maintenance. Certain parts and support service is also maintained for this vehicle, as long as you have it.

Mercury models:

Mercury Villager
Mercury Grand Marquis
Mercury Milan
Mercury Milan Hybrid
Mercury Montego
Mercury Sable
Mercury Mariner
Mercury Topaz
Mercury Monterey
Mercury Mountaineer
Mercury Capri
Mercury Tracer
Mercury Marauder
Mercury Cougar
Mercury Mystique
Mercury Mariner Hybrid