Mazda Motor Corporation – A New Definition To Style

2013-11-30 22:53:28

The triumph of the victory is buzzed just when the difficulties and tough times are at peak. The small seed of interest for cars in Mr. Matsuda ignited spark of initiation that laid the foundation of the Mazda Motor Corporation. Although, Mazda had seen various ups and downs in its way, the company has always been dedicated to present something new to its clients. The recent achievements of the company and successful attempt of bio fuel model of car are clear evidences of above fact. 

One of the greatest features of the Mazda is its all time approach to the innovative technology that makes it unique from others. The introduction of the Piston powered and the Rotary powered models of engine in highly innovative and efficient ways have been the basic factor of appreciation for company’s key Human Resources.

Bio-Car Models

Recently, the company has achieved a benchmark with its new eco friendly model of bio-car. With innovative bio-plastic and Eco friendly poly fabric, the company developed a whole new model with up to 30% of its interior parts being made of bio-plastic. Next step is the approach to the eco-friendly fuel with high economy and mileage.

SKYACTIV Technology

Being famous for innovative advancements to its model, this automotive company has developed a whole new set of technology that covers the major models of the main interest of the upper class societies all over the world.  The complete pack of these technologies enables car models, like Mazda6, Demio and 2014 Mazda 3, to achieve highly excellent performance with added economy with reduced emission level due to its high compression ratio. In addition, the lightweight models with electric power steering enable individual to achieve the complete control without giving up the comfort. All together, this technology alone adds a star to the company’s ranking as the top grade automotive company.

Racing World

Pacing up in the racing world, the Mazda gives a new meaning to the race with an ultra smooth drive and complete control. The two, three and four rotary model cars have been the major identity of the company in the racing world. In fact, it is the only left company that has won the 24 Hours of Le Mans on the whole, thus, adding a shining star to its image.

International Marketing

The company has been a perfect marketing model that enabled it to make a strong foundation as the International Automotive Company. The recent slogan ‘Zoom-Zoom-Forever’ has outdated the old ‘Get In – Be Moved’ right from 2000. The company has been successful in making a fine impression with TV commercial and hitting the most apt target audience, thus, reserving its potential customer market for its future innovations.

Overall Impression

The Mazda Motor Corporation is one of those automotive companies of International Market that have potential to go legendary in the historic texts. However, the company only focuses on the technology and comfort with a very less focus on manufacturing, style and royal texture. Although, these factors downgrade its rating, they also make it a real Mazda Motor Corporation person need. The overall impression of company’s car models is superb, thus, fetching it a 4 star rating out of 5.


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