Lincoln, the luxury line of cars from Ford

2013-11-30 00:17:31

Lincoln luxury brand vehicles are mostly sold in North America and are owned by Ford Motor Company. The models under the brand name sold currently are the MKS and MKZ, which are crossovers, The MKX and MKT and the Navigator, a SUV. A new model, a compact crossover has also been introduced by Lincoln in 2013 a MKC concept whose sales is to start from the 2014 summer.  Ford already has plans to expand with 7 new models in 2015 and a proposal to sell the Lincoln brand in China by 2015 where the luxury vehicle market is rapidly expanding.  

The Lincoln Motor Company was founded by a former divisional manager of the GM Henry Leland in 1917. He named the company after the Abraham Lincoln whom he elected by casting his vote in 1864. He used to assemble aircraft engines to fulfill government contracts during the war.  When the war ended the facility was restricted to build luxury cars and it was bought by Ford in 1922. However the company though 1940 functioned as a separate identity. The company became a division of Ford Motor Company and was brought under the control of Ford with the intention of modernizing the division to compete with the likes of Chrysler’s Imperial and GM’s Cadillac. In 1945 the company was merged with Mercury and Lincoln-Mercury division was formed.

In the year 1957 Ford revisited the original Lincoln model and formed the continental division. During 1958 to 1960 several alterations to the Lincoln was made with the induction of Edsel and the division became Mercury-Edsel-Lincoln. During the 1961 to 1969 the brand became Lincoln Continental which combined Premier, Continental Mark V and Capri. In 1970 there was a huge design change for the Lincoln and the Lincoln Mark Series appeared with Continental Mark III. Between 1970 and 1980 Ford made several changes to the Lincoln brand to stay in the luxury car market. Some of them were related to the safety regulation imposed by Federal authorities.

In 1979 Lincoln was designed on an all new chassis and in place of the standard Lincoln the trimmed package of Town car and Town coupe was presented to consumers during the 1980 to 1998. In the 90s the Lincoln trailed behind Japanese cars, and other competitors’ due to the outdated car design. In 1998 the town car went through several design updates and came up with the smallest Lincoln since its inception.  After 52 years in production the Lincoln Continental was retired to be replaced by the LS.

In December 2012 the name of Lincoln Division was changed to Lincoln Motor Company to differentiate it from Ford products. Completely new and unique designs were established for Lincoln and new product and marketing teams were inducted. Along with the name change Ford has also planned to introduce new vehicles for the Lincoln lineup in the coming years. The first from the lineup is the second generation MKZ which was launched for sale in 2013. The current models of Lincoln are Lincoln Navigator, Lincoln Mark LT, Lincoln MKX, Lincoln MKZ, Lincoln MKT, Lincoln MKS, Lincoln MKT Town Car and Lincoln MKC.


Lincoln models:

Lincoln MKS
Lincoln Aviator
Lincoln LS
Lincoln Mark LT
Lincoln MKC
Lincoln Zephyr
Lincoln Navigator
Lincoln Mark VII
Lincoln Blackwood
Lincoln Mark VIII
Lincoln MKT
Lincoln Continental
Lincoln MKX
Lincoln Navigator L
Lincoln Town Car
Lincoln MKZ
Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

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