New Breathtaking Bloody Red 2014 Mazda 3 Review

2014-04-16 12:05:43
New Breathtaking Bloody Red 2014 Mazda 3 Review
New Breathtaking Bloody Red 2014 Mazda 3 Review

The brand new 2014 Mazda 3 has been released with attractive Red Color Theme. Designed over the Aerodynamic Frame, it combines features of Sedan along with the Roadster model on the city roads. The cool Convertible Front Outlook gives enough space for the Power Train assembly for the ground breaking performance.

The young model of 2014 Mazda 3 has been designed to meet the demand of a young generation of teens. Due to its breathtaking Design and excited Red Color Theme, the Mazda 3 has been warmly welcomed all over the world. Despite the cool outlook and features, the model does not compromise with the powerful performance at all.

After the dashing debut last summer, the Mazda 3 Crossover has been loaded with modified 2.0L I4 Engine for an efficient drive over the roads. However, 6 Speed Manual Transmission keeps the speed and Power intact during the drive. Such a clever Power Train assembly lets the model drift at Top Speed of 130 MPH. 155 HP power is wisely diverted for the Front Wheel Drive so as to keep the body stable during the high speed on the smooth highways.

One of the major attractions of the Interior Design is the integration of the Navigation System. It lets the model to run almost anywhere in the world without being lost. Side by side, the comfortable 2+3 leather covered seats are surrounded by Climate Control System, Audio Entertainment System with USB & Bluetooth Connectivity and Touch Screen Panel mounted on the Dashboard for Navigation. However the Buttons and Knobs are present for ease of access. The grand Boot Space can be utilized for different purposes. Also, there is an enormous Leg Space for comfortable sitting gesture.

Talking about the Safety and Security, the young 2014 Mazda 3 has been loaded with ABS, Electronic Stability System and Collision Detection System that makes the drive safe and sound. Besides this, the model has got the extra support of the advanced navigation system which is also an aid in its safety. The presence of the side as well as front airbags assures the safe drive even in the case of the sudden collision, keeping the safety of the passenger at priority.

The fantastic Young Third Generation 2014 Mazda 3 has nearly all attractive features. However, there are a few glitches that might be a bit annoying for the people. No matter how fast or slow you drive, the external traffic noise will enter the cabin inside. Although, it does not interrupt with the audio system, it might annoy passengers in the crowd. Side by side, the screen of the control panel is small which might another reason for getting annoyed. However, if you are habitual of using small sized tabs, it won’t a problem for you. On the whole, the model is relay appreciable, mainly because it has the base price of $18,945, unlike other expense crossovers. This makes it much better than other crossover in the market, for those who love the stylish look of 2014 Mazda 3. 

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