Honda, the contemporary vehicle with a difference

2013-11-21 11:52:45

Honda was known for its motorcycles and internal combustion engines and was the largest motorcycle producers since 1959. The company was manufacturing a staggering 14 million units of engines every year and stood second largest automobile manufacturers in the year 2001 for Japan. The company has a global presence in the automobile market and was the first Japanese company to introduce a luxury brand of car called Accura in the year 1986.

It has a notable list of vehicles to its credit and the well known models are the Civc, Fit, Accord, CR-V, Legend and Insim ght and two models of Odyssey out of which one is a small version for international market and one for North America. The special feature of Honda vehicles is that they vary with countries and their models are exclusive with special features with each region. For example the Honda model Civic 5-door hatchback is exclusively marketed in Europe and another one is the Honda Odyssey minivan, exclusive for North America with the first uni-body light duty pickup truck.   

Automobile manufacturing plans of Honda could be tracked back to 1963 when it produced the Honda T360 a kei car especially made for Japan consumers. Honda S500 followed this model in 1963 and a 2-door delivery van called Honda L700 was introduced in 1965.  An accord was not the first sedan by Honda but the Honda 1300 introduced in 1969 was the one with 4-doors. The first 2-door hatchback built by Honda was Honda N360 intended for international market which was later replaced by the Civic in 1972.

When Honda entered into automobile manufacturing its competitors, Nissan and Toyota already had established a presence in Japan but Honda always did things a little differently from others and it made them unique. Their mainstream products such as the Civic and the Accord were always installed with front-wheel-power-train execution which is also the tradition for the current Honda products.  Other new technologies include the anti-lock brakes, multi-port fuel injection and speed sense power-steering which were first introduced as option then it became standard features. The eagerness for a new approach is also evident in the first Japanese luxury vehicle chains Acura and the mid-engine sports car with all aluminum, the Honda NSX. The car also introduced the new technology called VTEC or the variable valve timing technology by Honda.

Honda developed a line of compact cars named Civic which also happen to be the second longest running marquee from Japanese manufacturers in North America. Only Toyota its long standing rival has the distinction of having a longer production. Accord, Civic and Prelude formed the Honda market in the North America till the model lineup was expanded in 1990. The civic now looks larger and more up-market due to the generation changes it has experienced and nestles currently between the Accord and Fit. Honda also produces a hybrid electric vehicle named Civic hybrid to contend with the Toyota Prius and Insight and CR-Z are other products.

The company’s effort to boost the production of small cars and vans to meet the demand in the US also saw the fall of production in sports vehicles and minivans. With the consequence the sales for the products also fell. It is a first pickup introduction also earned the Truck of the Year 2006 by Motor Trend Magazine and the Car of the Year by the same magazine for the redesigned Civic. Five of the top ten fuel-efficient vehicles from 1984 to 2010 ranked by the US Environmental Protection Agency comes from Honda, which is more than what other automakers achieved.

Honda models:

Honda Odyssey
Honda Ridgeline
Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid
Honda CR-Z
Honda Civic
Honda Crosstour
Honda S2000
Honda Element
Honda Pilot
Honda Passport
Honda Accord Crosstour
Honda Insight
Honda Accord
Honda Prelude
Honda Fit
Honda Fit EV
Honda Civic del Sol
Honda Civic CRX
Honda CR-V

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