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2015 GMC Yukon XL, the fraternal twin of Chevy Tahoe

2014-03-22 10:31:31
2015 GMC Yukon XL, the fraternal twin of Chevy Tahoe
2015 GMC Yukon XL, the fraternal twin of Chevy Tahoe

When people need to buy a vehicle that can carry as many passengers as a minivan, tow as much as a pickup and haul that much as a SUV they would straightway acquire a Chevy Suburban from the local dealer. But you have a choice here, a fraternal cousin is available which is more updated, the GMC Yukon XL. But why anyone would go for the GMC vehicle in place of the Chevy? 

This is one poser that was contemplated by consumers for several decades. The GMC branded Suburban was introduced in 1937 by General Motors 2 after it debuted under the Chevy brand. The name suburban remained till 1999 and was renamed as Yukon XL, the last two letters differentiating it from the Yukon with short wheelbase which is the twin of Tahoe from Chevy.  

If you are trying to find any difference between the suburban and the Yukon XL you won’t find much. Both the vehicles are new and based on the half-ton pickup 2014 of GM. GMC gets the individual styling in the front-end with taillights vertically placed and sweeping into the fender as it is in the Cadillac. The SLE and SLT models are offered a 3-bar grille, whereas the high-end is given a huge billet style grille in chrome.

Enough has been done to the Yukon to match the GMC’s Professional Grade. The wood and metal trim are for real with real material which is opposite to the Suburban’s patterned /or painted plastic.  The interior of the Yukon is very similar to the Chevy’s and with important changes the vehicle might tread into the territory of the Cadillac Escalade ESV which is pricier.

However the major difference you would find between these two is the 6.2 L V8, related to Corvette engine. This motor generates a tremendous 420hp power and 460 lb-ft torque if it is fed with premium oil. Normal fuel would slightly reduce the power. This is only offered with the high-end Denali and for the SLE and the SLT it is the 355hp 5.3 L V8 found in the Suburban.  Both the engines use fuel injection, a cylinder deactivation and variable valve timing that enables the engine to run on four cylinders when increased power is not needed. However the 5.3 is the one that has the E85 capability and using the ethanol blend boosts engine power to 380bhp.

If you are thinking that the more powerful engine of the Yukon XL Denali is capable of carrying or towing more, then you are mistaken. The Denali’s 6.2 L has a payload rating of 125lbs lower to the Yukon XL’s 5.3 L and owing to its heavier weight Denali drops 200lbs towing capacity. But you actually notice a difference in the thrust and the 5.3 L perfectly moves the 3-ton weight of Yukon XL where as the 6.2 add more muscle. The bigger engine rates a mileage of 15mpg in the city and 21mpg on highway with rear wheel drive and 14mpg and 20mpg for the 4-wheel drive. The 5.3 produces a fuel economy of 16mpg/23mpg. 

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