General Motors is Working on the 5th Generation Pontiac

2014-03-15 08:11:11
General Motors is Working on the 5th Generation Pontiac
General Motors is Working on the 5th Generation Pontiac

Bob Lutz was one of the driving sources behind introducing the Holden Monaro to United States as the Pontiac GTO in the year 2004. The car of course received a lot of critical acclaim while displayed in the auto shows; however on the sales front, it was a big disappointment. Now, as per the report of Road & Track that the rumors there around in the air are correct, Pontiac is working on a new two-door, G8 coupe before it may probably get shuttered. Deemed as one of the last resorts to band on, it is said that Pontiac will put their full heart and brain in making it, from which the market can expect a lot.

In the Road & Track report, which is however not available online now, Lutz explains that the new coming GTO can solve most of the issues, which were found in the original. Thorough re-engineering is being planned to land it on four legs even if a smash down is happening. As per the speculation of the Car Advice, the all-new model will more look like a re-badged Holden Coupe 60 Concept which came in 2008, giving the tough competition to the other appealing model in the market.

Altogether, the car could have been a real departure from the old 2004 to the 2006 GTO. The model featured a very long hood as well as a short rear deck. The wheel arches also were highly marked and the rocker panel splitter and the chin also were giving it a race-model looks. The power sun roof and dashing curves on the front are what makes the model highly dashing and striking. The wheel designs are remodeled for the awesome look while it is on the move. Technically advanced, dual powered heat resistive side mirrors are another modification in the fifth generation GM model.

The premium GM model is designed for the sophistication, based upon the highly modular space catering. The expert designer of the Dodge has designed the model keeping in mind the full utilization of the space, without making the whole design messy. The side space for keeping the bottle, portable refrigerator space and spacious boot space makes the model highly appealing. The tilt and slide seat designs are a supportive aid for offering the large space.

The Road & Track also report that the GTO is expected to flaunt of much more specs and features to amaze the users. Being one of the last resources to revamp the lost charm, Pontiac, for sure, will be practicing their best course of action to delight the customers and make them vote in favor of the brand.

Overall, the model is designed for those who want to carry lots of luggage during the vacation, including the useable item like the water bottle and hand bags. The model is powered by the advanced power train covering the major performance on the smooth highways as well as on the city roads. The highly optimized design and efficient power train makes the model perfect for the long trips. 

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