Dodge’s Road and Track R/T Crossovers

2014-03-15 08:09:48
Dodge’s Road and Track R/T Crossovers
Dodge’s Road and Track R/T Crossovers

Dodge is building a couple of R/T crossovers, which are both track and road ready and capable of offering more. Through the first two generations of the Dodge Durango, it was really a competent and fun-oriented SUV. However, the sales of Durango were not picking up well throughout the period. After hitting the count of about 137,148 tricks by the year 2004, Dodge experienced a Nose-Dive in Durango’s sales and later it got disappeared by the year 2008.

To the amazement of the Dodge enthusiasts, now it's back again. Dodge had done a fair homework on offering a clear face-lift to the old model. The previous body-on-frame Durango model is now riding on a new unibody platform, which it the same as in the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The same platform Mercedes-Benz also will employ in its next ML and GL models.

Durango is deemed to be a handler with only minimal body roll, especially while considering for something so tall. The vehicle is well balanced. The RWD’s 50/50 as well as the AWD’s 51/49 front-rear weight distribution, which can make you think of the sports sedans. The AWD R/T is proving out to be slightly better on skidpad test, where it showed a record 0.81 g stick when compared to the 0.79 g for the rear-drive model.

Also offering a tilting telescopic steering wheel as standard on all Durango models, it is made easier for the rider to set a perfect comfortable driving position and also the front seats right fit to the UTE’S sporty persona. There is also a Magnum-Esque window line as well as tick C-pillar and D-pillar. They are ergonomically designed to be fully supportive and also with the right amount of bolstering. There is also a rearview camera, which comes as a part of the $695 package with inbuilt navigation, which surely is a worthy investment. The Power-train can remind you of the SRT8 Jeep and it is also an amazing thing to see how much the chassis does.

The interiors of the models are equipped with the advanced multimedia system, UConnect 8.4, offering wide range of music as well as the connectivity options. The modern navigation system of the model covers the input from the voice as well. Taking it a step head, the voice recognition system of the model obeys the command as per the specific voice. The rear seat video group makes the new R/T crossover a perfect entertainment system on the move. Alongside, the advanced keyless enter and Go technology of the model gives freedom to access the hassle free lock functions of the car.

The IIHS top safety pick model has got the integration of the rear backup cam, Sentry Key with anti theft system, Electronic stability control, Antilock Disc Brake, Safety air bags and advanced pressure monitoring system makes the new R/T a safe Crossover.

Overall, the model is equipped with all the features that a car lover would like to have in its perfect car model. The model will be a new sensation in the market. 

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