The Need for Speed -Ferrari!!!

2014-03-12 11:53:43
The Need for Speed -Ferrari!!!
The Need for Speed -Ferrari!!!

The finer tastes of life are aspired by many but only a few genuine Ferrari aficionados can be detected in this world of speed, racing and championship bets. Ferrari has served its fans, worshippers and the likes by crusading in the fields of sports and beyond. Its 2013 launch of the latest hyper-car “La-Ferrari” at the year’s Geneva Motor show hadn’t even begun to fade in the memory of speed fanatics and it came out with its Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in Titanium Grey colour.

It was founded in 1928 by Enzo Ferrari and before its participation in the building of its own vehicles in 1947; it was an active participant in Motorsports. A continued presence in the Formula One races, Ferrari remained a consistent name with sports related vehicles, even after it being purchased by the Fiat Group in 1969. It boasts of various classics, including Enzo, named after its owner.

“La-Ferrari” is a flagship car powered by a 6262cc V-12 engine which produces up to 811 PS and has a F1 inspired HY-KERS system. This facility adds another 165 PS, taking the total count to an astounding 976 PS. All racing maniacs are familiar with the power, grip and efficiency of a sleek, nimble and almost athletic sports car; all of it which is truly encapsulated in a Ferrari. From the exteriors to its high powered racing engine it has even come out with provisions never before available to public consumption.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta was one of a kind with its 48 valves and a V12 of 6.3 litres which is tested to be  rated at a horsepower of 731 at 8250rpm and 508 pound feet of torque at a 600rpm capacity engine. This dazzling red- crackle- finish- ingesting plenums is the prime capacity road going engine ever offered by Ferrari for the consumption of public. The sizzling titanium grey exterior of the car covers its massive proportions and has at the base of the A-pillars ‘aero bridges’. These channel air through the front quarter panels helping in lowering the car’s drag coefficient. The third generation Breaks and carbon ceramic brake rotors fill the space inside the 20 inch wheels. The 6 pistons front and 4 pistons rear monobloc aluminium callipers and benchmark wheel package are which wraps those 20 inch alloys in the sticky Super sport tires.

The ventilated hood of the chic car is a question too many. The surprises the interior holds along with the magnificence outside makes the owner of this car a reason for envy. With its 7 speed dual clutch close ratio gearbox that sends available power to the rear wheels and the steering that is assisted by traditional hydraulics used to achieve maximum feel lends it a delight and speed unmatched.

A single drive in it can provide with accurate heart rate, experts will say. A word to the wise being that this is meant only for true fanatics, especially the lovers of all those Fast and the Furious Ferrari chases which leaves the heart thumping and wanting for more.

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