Bentley Continental GT is a good looking classy car with immense power

2014-03-07 12:03:44
Bentley Continental GT is a good looking classy car with immense power
Bentley Continental GT is a good looking classy car with immense power

Huge power, all wheel drive for negotiating all weather conditions and the size which creates doubts about its handling in the minds of the most ardent drivers the Bentley Continental GT of 2014 can be impressive to anyone. The configuration is beyond the vision of any fiction fan and enough to boggle their mind.

This beautiful vehicle from Bentley is far removed from the Azure and Arnage’s dusty genre. The car is a full-fledged 4-seater with 2+2 arrangement and unbelievably detailed. The new Continental GT had two choices of engines and the most powerful has the twin turbo V8. The Continental GT V8 S with high performance joins the lineup and takes driving to a loftier level. The S integrates a 4.0 liter twin turbo V8 of higher version and produces 521bhp and 502lb-ft torque compared to the 500bhp ad 487ft-lb eked out by the Continental GT. The time achieved is 4.3 seconds for the 0-60 and the speed peaked is 192mph.

The GTC convertible and Continental GT coupe combined to an 8-speed auto transmission and a 4-sheel standard drive can jump to the 60mph in just 4.6 seconds. According to Bentley the new car is also more economical on fuel consumption by a good 40% while you compare it with the continental lineup of 2008. It can also average an 18mpg in the city and 26mpg on the highway and a achieve 500 miles with a single tank filled with unleaded premium. This rate is achieved by the permutation of lower internal friction, direct injection and cylinder deactivation combined with the extra gears and the capability of dropping 4 gears immediately when it is required.

Both the cars are wired to a 6.0 Liter twin turbo w-12 with power channeled to a 6-speed auto transmission and 4-wheel drive. They worked up a power of 567 and 516 lb-ft torque and the speed edition of 2013 boosted a 616hp and 590 lb-ft and was coupled to a 8-speed automatic transmission. This is available in the Convertible for the 2014 speed edition. The 12-cylinder Bentley coupe crosses the 0-60 mark in just under 4.3 seconds and works up a peak speed of 195mph but the convertible is a tad slower. The Speed edition hits the 60mph mark in flat 4.0 seconds and eke out a top speed over 205mph. These cars weight more than 3 tons and the speed they are able to produce is really astonishing. The mileage however is hugely disappointing in the W-12 cars with 11/19mpg in city and highway.

For a vehicle of its length and mass the Continental GT is capable of behaving sublimely on the road. The 3-mode ride control christened as CDC (Continuous Damping Control) and the standard computer manipulated shocks are combined with the all-wheel drive which is programmed more to deliver power to the rear wheels than the front wheels. The brakes are huge and capable of digging deep even before you update them with the most power brakes found in a car assembly the option carbon ceramic rotors. With huge addition of interior nuances the Continental GT can come near to built which is hand crafted.

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