For Those who Want the Best - Pontiac G6 Sedan

2014-03-05 10:11:40
For Those who Want the Best - Pontiac G6 Sedan
For Those who Want the Best - Pontiac G6 Sedan

Pontiac was a world renowned automobile brand, which was established in the year 1926 as an associate maker for the General Motors' Oakland. However, very soon after its establishment, Pontiac overtook its parent company in popularity and later got into a companionship with Chevrolet. The 2010 Pontiac G6 Sedan was a highly popular model from this manufacturer, which has got all specs to win hearts.

Pontiac is now sold in the USA, Canada, and Mexico by GM (General Motors). Pontiac was also tagged as the performance division of GM for many years in a row, and was specializing in the mainstream performance models. Pontiac was more popular in Canada that in other places, and in that country they were highly successful in marketing the low-priced vehicles.

Later in April 2009 with a lot of ongoing financial problems and failed efforts on restructuring, GM finally announced that they will discontinue the Pontiac brand at the end of 2010 and will focus on their four core brands of Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, and GMC in North America. The last Pontiac models were made in early 2010, and the final franchises got expired in October 2010. However, the last models of Pontiac too were acceptable to the consumers and here will have a look at the Pontiac G6 model, which got released in 2010.

Pontiac G6 was the company's midsize car in the midst of the chaos of the brand being terminated by the parent company. In an attempt to steal more sales form the class competitors, G6 was offering an unusually tactful styling as well as a very solid performance with V6 engines and the four-seat retractable-hardtop convertible styling of the body. The volume selling models were a five-passenger sedan as well as a four-passenger coupe.

Unlike its precedent model Grand Am, Pontiac G6 was more having the flavor of a generic rental car. However, G6 topped in the areas of engine refinement, driving comfort, as well as premium cabin materials. On the other hand, G6 holds a high appeal for the used-car shoppers now, provided its highly cut-rate pricing as a discontinued brand. GM has pledged to offer ongoing support to Pontiac products for service, so grabbing a used G6 may not be a bad idea for second hand shoppers.

Under the hood, Pontiac has a base 2.4-liter, 164 HP engine as well as a 3.5-liter V6 engine offering 219 HP. The other trims are 3.9-liter V6 and 3.6-liter V6 offering 222 HP and 252 HP respectively. All these features four-speed automatic as standard except the GXP's V6, which has got a higher six-speed option.

Pontiac G6 also offers a very generous room for those who are taking the backseat, leave the body style. After taking the criticism for many years about high styled exterior design and tricky interiors, Pontiac finally comes up with a step up effort in making G6. On the outside, G6 is having a crisp look and inside there is a more attractive and restrained layout by avoiding any traditional dull plastic switches and cheap looking surfaces. Even though discontinued, the Pontiac G6 is noted to be a hot-searched item in the list car listing sites and there are plenty of variants and remodeled vehicles also available in the market. However, always make sure that the GM service station near to your locality is willing to support Pontiac before putting your hand on it.

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