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Audi Q7- An Insight

2014-02-26 09:40:16
Audi Q7- An Insight
Audi Q7- An Insight

Audi Q7 was initially launched in the year 2006 as a solution to bigger class of vehicles like BMW X5 or Land Rover Discovery 4. The car has an amazing combination of comfort, quality as well as space. Audi Q7 has a quality with a genuine appeal to the driver. The Audi Q7 is a premium vehicle for the connoisseurs of class and style.

Audi Q7 has a smooth drive considering its size, coupled with accurate steering, crisp handling and absence of any body roll. However most alluring feature is its layout of seven seats and the spacious boot. All the models come with the company’s four wheel Quattro drive system. This series of cars were upgraded and launched in 2011. The new launch also featured an S Plus model as well as 201bhp V6 entry level diesel. The Audi Q7 expected in 2014 would come with a fresh design language of the brand.


Audi Q7 is one of the most appealing car among its German manufacturer’s line-up. It has heavy flanks as well as a bulbous nose however the beautiful interiors with stylish touch just make it exquisite. One may choose form three specifications- S line, S line Plus or SE. Most buyers tend to opt for the entry level SE as these have softer suspension as well as smaller wheels making the drive a comfortable experience. The car has been fitted with 19 inch alloy wheels, dual level climate control features, heating facility in front seats, Bluetooth and 6.5 inch touch screen. The S line version would have additional features like sport seats, LED daytime lights, sat-nav technology, Wi-Fi, Access to Google earth, reversing camera and tinted windows.

Driving Audi Q7

Despite its enormous size the car has a sporty feel to its drive. There is limited body roll around the corners. Audi Q7 has a responsive as well as accurate steering which make the car feel balanced on tight bends or undulating roads. However the suspension is quite firm and picks even the small bumps around the tarmac. The car speed from 0-60mph within 9.1 seconds, even sustain the high speed up to 127mph. Audi Q7 is also equipped with eight speed automatic box along with the four wheel Quattro drive.

Reliability factor

Audi has been a reputed company for designing well engineered cars and its Q7 follows this trend. The car has however faced a safety issue concerning fixing of electric motor which operates the powered boot lid. Also some users reported concerning uneven tyre wearing. Also in terms of the safety aspects the Audi Q7 has scored as low as four stars in crash tests by Euro NCAP. The safety kit also includes stability control, anti lock brakes, trailer system or stabilisation, airbags for driver, passenger, curtain and knee.

Practical Aspects

The Audi Q7 has a capacity of 330 litres in its boot, which is extended to 775 litres when the seats are folded. Its one piece tailgate facilitates stowing of bulky items. However it has been reported that rearmost seat in the car is bit cramped. Also even with its air suspension the car’s boot is 830mm from ground level.

Cost of Running

Considering its dimensions Audi Q7 is not a cheap car to run, most fuel efficient model proves to be quite expensive. Also Audi does not offer this model with petrol engine. Along with escalated cost of running, the insurance as well as road tax would be higher in case of Audi Q7.

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