Mazda 6- The Domestic Wonder

2014-02-26 09:37:42
Mazda 6- The Domestic Wonder
Mazda 6- The Domestic Wonder

One of the best cars for your family- Mazda 6 is combination of dramatic looks as well as a great driving experience. Add on to this list the stylish looks and efficient range of its diesel engines. Mazda 6 would carry the mantle of the best buy in the market especially for those with families.

Mazda 6 is the sporty alternative for its rivals like Vauxhall Insignia or Volkswagen Passat. Mazda 6 was released in the year 2013 and has hit the family car markets like a big wave. The car is designed with a bold exterior; coupe like - the car exhibits a strong presence. Its design was inspired by the KODO philosophy that combines elegance along with masculine looks in one package. The car’s diesel engine range of 2.0 and 2.2 litres are available in power output of two. The Mazda’s fuel saving technology called SkyActiv makes it an economical car, causing super minis like Honda Jazz to struggle in duplicating the engine efficiency.

Style Matters

Mazda 6 with its sporty appeal has found great demand for its Soul Red models costing £660 as this colour accentuates the details of its bodywork. The car has a pointed nose and its chrome trim ties grille along with headlamps. LED lights are integrated and don’t appear like a design afterthought. Mazda 6 with budging wings gets a muscular tone towards the front. The roofline of the car swoops in a raked screen. The boot lid is set high at the back along with sharp taillights. The interiors have modern look with hard plastics used on switchgear.

Driving Experience

Mazda 6 with its reduced weight is great to handle and is performance efficient. The model with 2.2 litre diesel capacity has two outputs for power. 175bhp model offers a torque of 420Nm while injecting the vehicle with performance. 145bhp as well as 165bhp outputs are available in the four cylinder models. The gear response tends to be instant at all speeds and its six speed gearbox shows crisp action as well as positive shift. Mazda 6 with its nimble chassis responds to light touches to steering wheel, changing directions and giving the driver extreme confidence. Its 19 inch alloy wheels make Mazda 6 immensely comfortable when cruising.

Mazda 6 and Reliability

Japanese manufacturers have a reputation of reliability which is exhibited in Mazda 6. However some of Mazda 6 models from UK were recalled due potential electronic faults. There were some glitches encountered in Mazda 6 Tourer models. However the safety features are faultless with stable braking system.

While the Mazda 6 comes with smart braking standards, the rear traffic mirror which tends to anticipate impact towards the back-end is only available in top-spec Sport. The car also has airbags for driver, passengers as well as knees towards the front and curtain airbags in the cabin. Other gizmos include warning for lane departure, auto brake system, active lighting and parking sensors.


The sleek looks of Mazda 6 compromise some practical standards. Hatch openings present in previous generation cars was swapped for saloon opening. While the legroom is sufficient, the headroom in the car has been limited by a sloping roofline as well as the step ranked screen at the back. Mazda has made opening of the doors wider for long legged passengers. Overall a car with great package and a good option for those looking for comfort as well as style. 

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