How comfy do you get in a VOLVO XC60!

2014-02-23 12:11:27
How comfy do you get in a VOLVO XC60!
How comfy do you get in a VOLVO XC60!

Zoom in to reality… imagine yourself seated comfortably in your Volvo XC60, with its interiors and exteriors designed to meet perfection right in the arms. As the car moves, people read an unseen message ‘Look who has arrived!’ Crafted and designed to make a great first time impact, this car from the ongoing Volvo series is all set to be in ‘top gear’ and travel miles and miles, capturing your moods with affinity! 

Volvo XC60 is well-designed making a lasting imprint with its daytime running lights that make your presence even more striking. The car has its finely tuned tallness and stature. Its leather sport seats give its passengers a cozy feel like the warmth of sipping your favorite brew. The rendezvous is never complete without paying attention to its plush interiors that support complete human physique; right from thighs to shoulders. Comforting your body with elegance is what is defined by the interiors of a Volvo XC60.

Bathing in the ambient lightening gives you a soft glow, with warmth emancipating from illuminated car handles along with the cup holders while you are travelling during the night hours. Going past the interiors, whence you move towards analyzing the car’s toughness, its capacity to move down the rugged roads smoothly, or pass over the bouncy and potholed mountain terrains, would cheer you up as you experience the entire ride in this car. A car rider seated in the new Volvo XC60, feels like an ‘emissary’ enjoying its true benefits.    

Its mettle lies in its capacity that comes through its class performance, whilst you enjoy touring and making trips in it. The choice of the chassis could be made from among the glorious four – Touring, Dynamic, R-Dynamic Sport Chassis or the one that is an electronic version of the Volvo car, which can be availed in four C-chassis performing up to 500 calculations per second. In conjunction with Control Traction Control, Volvo XC60 assures you enduringly and everlastingly of a ‘smooth sail’ right from driveways to countryside roads. To match your diplomatic stylishness XC60 offers a delicate classiness to the entire episode of your driving narrative in the new Volvo XC60. From V-shaped bonnet to deluxe interiors, your car’s enhanced looks make it ‘a big YES’ for all those who value quality, style, comfort and elegance.


High rate performance & efficacy


Engine: 3.0L in-line 6 DOHC along with changeable valve timing

Base Engine: 3.0L I6 300HorsePower

Fuel capacity: 17city / 22 hwy

Body-make: SUV

Market value has increased for this 2014 Volvo model, as this XC60 is used by diplomats, or those who want themselves to feel like diplomats. You have three modes to make a selection from and you might personalize your Adaptive Digital Display that suits your temperament. You might go forth choosing voice activated Sensus Connected Touch in order to navigate freely, enjoying being a part of the entity enriched by a whole new world of Internetworking environs offering complete ‘entertain-mints’. If sudden brakes need to be applied it is simply made possible through advanced City Safety System even up to the speedy 50km/hour. Active High Beam helps you see further without diverting others’ attention in the row while your mind is set on driving on the road.    


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