Kizashi GTS – All You Wanted from Suzuki is here

2014-02-22 11:19:00
Kizashi GTS – All You Wanted from Suzuki is here
Kizashi GTS – All You Wanted from Suzuki is here

The Suzuki Motor Corporation is a leading Japanese multinational brand in automobile manufacturing. The company is headquartered in Hamamatsu, Japan, and which specializes in making of four-wheel drive vehicles, motorbikes, and all-terrain vehicles. The company is also manufacturing outboard marine engines, combustion engines, and a variety of other transporting solutions including wheelchairs. The 2010 Suzuki Kizashi was an instant his and we will try to review this vehicle in this article.

Suzuki has made a lot of vehicle models independently as well as in association with many other leading brands from all over the world. Suzuki vehicles are well accepted in almost all the international markets including that of the third world countries as well as developed nations alike. In 2011, Suzuki had become the tenth biggest automakers in the world in terms of production.

There are more than 45,000 employees working for Suzuki and the company has got 35 major production facilities in about 23 countries and they got a network of 133 distributors in almost 192 countries. Suzuki is also the Japan's second largest manufacturer of small cars as well as trucks.

Kizashi GTS from Suzuki, when compared to the previous sedans from the manufacturer, is a unique blend of powerful performance with premium design and functional attributes, which is yet to be experienced in this class of vehicles. The release was in February 2010 in the US and the market accepted the new model with pleasant surprise and outright enthusiasm.

The car is very tastefully designed both externally and internally and Kizashi’s promise is a more refined riding experience. It can be however experienced that Suzuki had on the larger part, fulfilled its promise with the Kizashi GTS. The combination of the advanced technology four-cylinder and the variable transmission seems to be a bit under-performing however.

The model is pretty cool looking, both inside and out. It may largely remind you the previous Gen Volkswagen Jetta, which was of course good looking. With some similarities to Jetta in the design and aesthetics, Kizashi also spreads an air of design-full charm. The all-wheel drive feature of this model can surely make it a good winter warrior too, and the steering is also too good to be felt.

The interior is kept pretty basic; however, come up with the option for a lot of add-ons for those who are not able to compromise on comfort. Another feature to be noted as far as the cabin is concerned, there is plenty of legroom and more head room at the front as well as rear and the trunk can also be found very spacious.

The Kizashi is also offering smooth handling at corners and curves and it is also easy to toss about. The brake pedal can be felt quite solid and the overall road handling is pretty enhanced. When Kizashi had hit the market a couple of years back, it created quite a strong impact among the auto reviewers by being the first of its kind modern Suzuki sedan, which felt like a real car. On the outside, Suzuki had made a quite an appreciable effort to craft it really different and altogether Kizashi stands out in the crows up to some degree. You would also like a few cosmetic upgrades also for this Sport model and there is of course a big list available.

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