2014 Lexus ISF – A New Passion Thrived

2014-02-21 11:11:07
2014 Lexus ISF – A New Passion Thrived
2014 Lexus ISF – A New Passion Thrived

The Lexus is always known for its breathtaking model that gradually takes over the Market, outwitting all of its rivals with its extraordinary outlook comprising Hi-Tech PowerTrain in its body frame. The new 2014 ISF takes this trend one step ahead to present a lavish Sedan with Luxury and Style. 

The brand new 2014 Lexus ISF Sedan is not just the gorgeous looking model but also a highly appealing Tech Toys for the new generation. A Classical Royal touch of Japan is well integrated in its Exterior Design by the Expert Designers of Lexus Automotive, the Company that forms a significant part of the Japanese Automobile Market. This time, the 2014 ISF model is giving the touch competition to other modern sedans on the Global Platform.


Although, the outlook is extremely gorgeous, the advanced PowerTrain of the ISF model is worth revealing for a first look. The mighty 5.0L V8 Engine with Port Fuel Ejection is combined with Dual Variable Valve System, presenting a highly striking performance with mouth shutting 416 HP of power. With awesome 8 Speed Sports Direct Shift Automatic Transmission gives the model enough power to boost up to 60 MPH within 4.6 Seconds. For the safety drive, the special Electronic Speed Control System maintains the top speed of 170 MPH depending upon the road type. The integration of the Disc Brakes, the Low Drag Coefficient of 0.30, Rear Wheel Drive and Aerodynamic Design are some of the advanced features that can easily expected in such a Hi-Tech coupe.


The Design of the new 2014 ISF Model is really breathtaking, blending the accent of Japanese tradition with modern crafting. The sleek, elegant and lightweight frame of the sedan has straightly curved headlights with authoritative outlook. The 4 Door Model is adjusted in the 107 Inches of Wheelbase for a stable drive. The copious Interiors are crafted for real comfort of passengers. The touches of Leather Finish, Metallic Lustier, Ergonomic placement of the Modern Gadgets, Sharp Edging are some of the unique features of the new ISF model. Furthermore, the Hood Window, Climate Control System, magical Surround Sound System, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and smart Car Driving Management features, are all controlled by the Advanced Control Panel with fluent Touch Screen.

Safety Features

Obviously, the pioneering Automobile Company, Lexus, would offer the new ISF with the revolutionary Traction Control System, Smart Lane Departure Alert, Electronic Brake Distribution, Anti Locking Brake, Automatic Stability Control and Integrated Dynamic Radar System. All these features when combined with modern dual airbags reflect as if the technology has been utilized as the security guard during the drive. Obliviously, the model proved to be a highly safe coupe for the modern generation in the Official Tests.

Overall Value

There is no doubt that new 2014 Lexus ISF coupe is appealing Sedan model for people, packed with stunning Design and advanced Power-Train, that too, without compromising the Safety features. The model is giving the tough competition in the International Automobile Market as it has got everything a person desires to have in its personal sports car which is capable of making a smooth drive in the high traffic areas of the city roads. 

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