Riding your favorite Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4

2014-02-21 11:07:17
Riding your favorite Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4
Riding your favorite Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4

What could be more sweetly sonorous than the tingling of your Lamborghini car keys, when you are up and ouch… getting ready to ride the best –selling super duper car? Packing a persuasive 601bhpV10 with its first dual-clutch transmission into a lighter package that is a zillion times ahead of its predecessor the Gallardo! Pinch of salt added to the soul curry is likened by all; just as the thrilling ride in a Huracán pushes you out of your mundane schedule. 

Does it take you enough time to learn the basics of driving a car when you cast your eyes on; ‘Omega! What’s the locomotive like?’ Even a chauffeur driven ride would do because here to serve your driving needs is a posh Lamborghini! Profiling the car, a lot more has been incorporated into this vehicle of your dreams like its fab nameworth. Its exterior self has been well defined by its hexagonal car theme, whereas it gives a wild, whacky and ready to go on a hunt, hunch to every person coming closer to it. With LED lighting the shapely hexa-window junctures are present to backup the crisp, firm lines.

Its exteriors are exclusivity personified. The Huracán’s aluminum space frame is mighty tough, weighing about 30 kgs. The powerful chassis on the four wheels befit perfectly well with a newer, shinier gear box. Defining the car-make formula in one go: ‘lighter, powerful and speedier’, Lambo has come to steal hearts like no other! Hot, crispy mutton chops! It is like striking while the iron is red hot, from 0-62 mph, claiming a 3-2sec -0.2 sec up on a Ferrari model, this very first iterative version of the Huracán, has much more on its ‘request for proposal’ that would make you go on a test drive and then getting the notion to possess it.   

Newest pick includes 7 speed twin clutcher, the fabulous channels of Lamborghini Doppia Frizione almost 413 lbs ft of torque supporting all 4 wheels for a zero to 124 mph time of 9.9 Sec. You ask your buddy, ‘Shan’t we drive at top speed?’ Look who has the answer! For you Lamborghini is a mood swinger for sure, the joyride never comes to an abrupt end.

 Perplexed? You do look like one as you wonder, how lush are the Interiors of this car? With hexagonal-edges and layers, no usual chrome switches, kind of styled rubber interfaces and this mechanical toy extraordinaire stylishly stands on the wheels, with a colored digital instrument cluster. Not lagging behind the Ferrari, the Huracán has its own way of sporting the indicator and wiper stalks, its steering-wheel buttons, making the driver’s wheel more presentable. Asks your conscience; ‘Can you fake it?’ ‘NO’ comes as the answer. Open your dreamy eyes and nod in the affirmative, this Lambo is for the real! Nappa leathering with a designer feature that lends more ‘lightness’ to the inner core of the car there are paddle shifters, that make the sequential box accessible at any given angle or speed. Locomotion is not a thrifty game with the Lambo. You get what you ought to be getting! 

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