Know More About Of GMC Trucks Of General Motors

2014-02-18 01:53:43
Know More About Of GMC Trucks Of General Motors
Know More About Of GMC Trucks Of General Motors

GMC is a division of General Motors of America and formally known as the GMC div of General Motors LLC. It mainly concentrates on manufacturing trucks and utility automobiles and they include trucks, military vehicles, vans, busses, vehicles for sports utility and pickups which are primarily used for commercial purpose in Northern American countries and Middle East. 

General Motors were ahead of Pontiac on vehicle sales and stood second in Northern America in terms of sale behind Chevrolet in 2007. General Motors was established by William C. Durrant in 1908 and was intended to be a holding for Buick. The purchase of Rapid Motor Vehicle Company in 1909 paved the base for forming General Motors Truck Company and the Name GMC Truck. In the New York International Auto show the GMC Truck marque was first introduced in 2012. The year saw the production of 22,000 units of trucks though GMC had a minor part to play in the entire achievement with a mere 372 trucks. But late GMC became a famous brand for trucks and coaches within General Motors.

A GMC truck took 30 days in 1916 to cross from Seattle to NY and in 1926 a 2-Tonner GMC took 5 days and 30 minutes to travel from New York to San Francisco. In the Second World War the GMC trucks played a major part in transportation and a huge 600,000 number of trucks were utilized by the US Army for the movement of its forces. GM bought Yellow coach in 1925, a bus maker from Chicago and acquired the entire setup by 1943 and rechristened it as GM Truck and Coach Division. The division was engaged in producing interurban coached till the year 1980. Production of transit buses were terminated in 1987 because of the huge competition, they had to face in the market. The Transportation Manufacturing Corporation bought the rights of the RTS models and the Classic design went to the Motor Coach Industries based in Canada. GMC presently makes pickup trucks, medium duty trucks, light duty trucks and SUVs and it also manufactures ambulance, military vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, fire trucks, transit buses and Motorhomes.

Chevrolet and GMC trucks are almost similar in looks except for the nameplates and the grille. However, their differences had diversely changed over the years. Chevrolet sells its vehicles exclusive through its dealerships where as the GMC trucks of lighter varieties are also available with Cadillac and Buick dealerships. Separate franchises also exist with the GMC for light-duty and medium models. This was advantageous for the GM dealers who did not deal with Chevrolets to present a total lineup consisting of cars & trucks. For a decade spanning the 60s and 70s the GMC trucks were fitted with quad-head lights where as the Chevrolet had dual-headlights.

The rounded lines introduced in 1973 by General Motors ended the quad-headlights and both company trucks became identically same. In the next third years the sister models of both company vehicles Blazer and Jimmy, Silverado and Sierra and Yukon and Tahoe share between a lot of similarities except prices and trims. 

GMC models:

GMC Envoy XL
GMC S-15
GMC Yukon Hybrid
GMC Sonoma
GMC Sierra 1500 Hybrid
GMC Rally Wagon
GMC Sierra Classic 3500
GMC Acadia
GMC Sierra 2500
GMC Jimmy
GMC Sierra Classic 1500
GMC Envoy
GMC Canyon
GMC Vandura
GMC Safari Cargo
GMC Sierra 1500HD Classic
GMC Sierra 2500HD
GMC Sierra 1500 Classic
GMC Savana Cargo
GMC Sierra 3500HD
GMC Safari
GMC Sierra Classic 2500
GMC Yukon XL
GMC Sierra 3500 Classic
GMC Syclone
GMC Sierra 2500HD Classic
GMC Sierra C3
GMC Suburban
GMC Yukon